Feb 082013
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Summary: I know this is digital trading card game blog (at least so what I claim), but for the past couple years I have been using multiple tablets for different purposes including the digital card game.  Obviously, if it is just for the purpose of playing digital card game like Shadow Era, Infinity Wars etc., you are totally ok with iPad, Nexus 10 or perhaps Intel Atom processor based Windows 8 tablet.  I am still on my trail to find an ideal tablet system for me with previous machines that I had include Xoom, iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Asus transformer Infinity, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and Samsung Ativ Smart PC.  My next stop is “Surface Pro” and I would like to talk about this a bit here, as some of the online posts seem to be a bit off or just too biased in one way.  Clearly, this will not cover any TCG, so if you have spare time and nothing else to do, or actually interested in tablets, click to read further otherwise, don’t waste you time. 🙂

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