Jul 042015
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One of the benefit of being a game with strong community support allows some of nice handy tools although I would still prefer official support through the developer themselves.  This has been out for awhile but I had finally had a chance to use it, and plan to continue using in the future.  It is a tool that sync one of the major HEX card database website (HEXTCGBrowser) with our own HEX ingame account collection.

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Jun 232014
 June 23, 2014  Posted by at 5:20 pm Set 3: Shattered Fates, Shadow Era No Responses »

One of the reason why I personally like the dTCG/dCCG with dedicated resource card is so that the game gives opportunity for players to manage their own resources.  Shadow Era uses what I call sacrifice based resource system (SBRS).  Since there is no specific resource type card in this game, there was a minimal resource management other than the decision of whether to sacrifice a card to add a maximal resource or not.  However, the latest expansion, Shattered Fate, added ways of resource ramp in Shadow Era.  Let’s take a look.

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Dec 092013
 December 9, 2013  Posted by at 11:06 pm Set 3: Shattered Fates, Shadow Era No Responses »

Although recently so many dTCG/dCCG are successfully funded with rather what seemed to be high goal, it should not be a surprise for the game that has been out for couple years and raised $100k in the past to successfully meet its goal of $50k.  It is still impressive especially because there are so many competitions now. There are little over two days left, and it is likely to hit its first stretch goal.  If you are interested don’t miss the opportunity.

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Nov 282013
 November 28, 2013  Posted by at 10:31 pm Set 3: Shattered Fates, Shadow Era No Responses »

Now I may be giving too much credit to the HEX, but good competition is always good for consumers.  None of us have really seen exactly the HEX’s PvE in action, but what Cory Jones made it sound like is certainly a couple step ahead (probably more) than any other dTCGs had done in the past.  Is it innovation?  No.  Some games I can think of are like Yu Gi Oh PSP, or Eye of Judgment PSP, or famous among old time TCG players are the Magic’s Shanldar.

So it may not necessary be the HEX that inspired other dTCGs, but at least pushed others companies to finally expedite its plan before game like HEX becomes public and claims “the only MMO/TCG”.

Today, let’s take a look at Shadow Era’s approach on its campaign mode.

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