Nov 292015
 November 29, 2015  Posted by at 6:08 pm Mabinogi Duel 7 Responses »

I am still debating whether my purchase of iPad Pro was worth or not especially without still not being able to get Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard.  But one thing I decided to do is just search for some dTCG/dCCG on iOS platform.  I know I did the search awhile back but not surprisingly there were many more since then.  Couple games caught my attention and I had downloaded them.  One advantage of iOS/Android platform compared to Windows or OS-X is probably the abundance of dTCG/dCCG that are free to play (at least for starter).  Today, I am going to write a bit about “Mabinogi Duel”, which is actually among the three games caught my eyes, it’s my favorite so far.

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