Jun 112009
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Summary: At this point, almost all of us are at the acceptance stage that there will be no future expansion of EOJ, but because it is Trading Card Game, there are few of us like me who still cannot completely give up on the idea of Set.4.  Follow are some of interesting imaginary cards that Japanese hardcore EOJ players came up with.

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Aug 242008
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Summary: There is no new information about highly anticipated Set.3 yet, but if EOJ were to continue after the Set.3, I feel it would be cool to see “Field Cards”.  This is yet another Wishlist series.

Please note that this series is my personal wishlist of things that I think would like to be implemented in EOJ. So nothing here is official or not even rumor.

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Apr 032008
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Summary:   Sorry guys.  No news I could find today.  Since I want to update my blog at least once a day, I have decided to write about another Wishlist series blog entry.  In this 3rd of the Wishlist series, I am discussing about “Stand creatures.”

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Mar 112008
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Summary: In this second of the Wishlist series, I will discuss about permanent spell. Please note that this series is my personal wishlist of things that I think would be cool to be implemented in EOJ. So nothing here is official; however, given the amount of information revealed so far for the Set.2, I highly believe we will likely to see “permanent spell” like concept in upcoming Sets.

What are Permanent Spells?

These are spells that lasts either permanently or certain lifespan.  Loosely can be defined as any spell that lasts more than just the turn the spell is casted.  They are conceptually analogous to the “Enchantment” in the game of MtG.

For example, ClairWil Banner analgous permanent spell would boost attack power of a target creature until the creature is destroyed.

Are permanent spells implementable in EOJ?

The short answer is “Yes they are” with confidence.  If they are implemented in the game of EOJ, you can broadly classify permanent spell into 2 categories.  One is creature targeted, and the other is everything else.  Creature targeted permanent spells are essentially creature modifying spells i.e. change the creatures HP, Attack Power, Activation Cost, or giving protection ability, dodge ability etc.

In fact, this concept and functionality is already in the game. Many creatures in EOJ has special abilities such as giving protection to adjacent allied creatures, conferring dodge attempt to allied creatures on the water field, or boosting attack power of adjacent allied creatures etc.

Non-creature targeted permanent spells are something like locking specific field so it cannot be fissured, or unlikely to be implemented but something like you gain extra-mana every turn when a triggering event happens.

Again, this is already partially in the game.  Whenever Didi (Fire Hero) is on the board, all the fire fields are locked and cannot be flipped.  Wormak (Biolith Phantom) has ability so that whenever your opponent casts a creature, you gain a mana.

The difference between creature’s ability and permanent spells is that permanent spells are just in the form of spell, and thus not associated with a specific creature.

In conclusion, implementing permanent spell in EOJ can be as simple as making the spell cards that are the exsiting abilities of creatures.

Why Permanent Spell?

As stated above, there are already creatures with abilities that kind of confer permanent spell like effect.  So why do we need permanent spell? or what can it give that current EOJ does not have?

Because permanent spell like features are somewhat already in the game, answers to this question seem to be not as obvious.

The key would be the broadening of strategy diversity.  In the end, it seems like any good new additional concept/feature to the CCG should result in the deepening or enhancement of the strategy in the game by giving players more choices.

As stated above, permanent spells can be thought of as exisiting creature’s abilities that are independent of a specific creature.  Since they are not associated with a specific creature, you can start to make more diverse deck.  For example, you want to lock the fire fields but want to use Wood hero instead of Fire Hero.  With permanent spell that locks specific element type of fields, you can do so.  Obvious disadvantage in this decision in comparison to using Fire Hero is that you are now using two cards in the deck to have Hero + Field Lock effect rather than One Hero card.  But again, this concept gives more choices to the player.

Other example would be what if there is a permanent spell that adds +1 to target creature’s attack point.  This is like ClairWil’s Banner with effect lasting more than 1 turn or half the ability of Verzar Elephant except without requiring your creature to be adjacent to Verzar Elephant.  Conceptually, this can be thought of as you are equipping your creature with new and stronger weapon such as “sword” for soldiers and “magic wands” for mages.   Or alternatively, you can even extend your thinking and think as if you have just created a new creature.  For example, what if you use multiple permanent spells and give a protection, a dodge, and + 1 attack point to Hellfirespitter.

Now you have just created a creature, which does not have blind spot, and has quickness, dodge attempt, protection, and attack power of 2 with only 1 to reactivate.

As you can see, with spells that lasting more than 1 turn can give whole new level of diversity to the deck.
What is the chance of seeing permanent spell concept in the future expansion?

By this time, most of you are aware that in Set.2 there will be a spell card called “Alhujan Spellshield”, which states “this and your opponent’s next turn…” From this description, it is obvious that there will be some opponent’s spells that have influence during your turn.  Since counter spell will not be implemented in Set.2, the only other way to attain this would be to have spells that lasts longer than your own turn. In fact, Alhujan Spellshield can be considered as one of the first permanent spell confirmed in EOJ with its life span being 2 turns (your turn and opponent’s next turn). However, since it does not make sense to spellshield opponent’s spellshield, it is natural to speculate that there will be other spells in Set.2 that will last more than your own turn. I predict permanent spells will be implemented in Set.2 with 99% confidence.

Feb 272008
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Summary: In this “Wishlist” series, I will be discussing a features/concepts/mechanics that I feel like EOJ should have or want it to have in the future to make the game even more exciting, and eventually make the EOJ to be the best CCG that exist.  Although I often try to use some facts to backup my reasonings, this series are nothing but pure hope that I have and nothing in this series is official. But who knows maybe someday..  In this first of series, I will talk about “Counter Spell.”

What is counterspell?
Counterspell is “instant” in the Magic the Gathering. They are the spells that a player can use at anytime, which include even during your opponent’s turn.

Why counterspell?
This feature will allow the game to be more dynamic because even during your turn, there are things you opponent can do to you. Or alternatively, even during your opponent’s turn there are things you can do.  So we will never get bored again by staring at opponent’s making moves.

Example scenario using counterspell:
Player 1: Summoned 4th allied creature on the board. With one creature having only 1 health left, but it is adjacent to your own creatures and opponent’s non-morphed Green Lycanthrope (attack power of 0).

Player 2: No Magic attack creature in hand nor on the field, but has Clairwil Banner.

With the current version of Eye of Judgment i.e. no counterspell, Player 2 uses his Banner on the Lycanthrope and attacks your 1 health creature and destroys it.

However, if there is counterspell in the game following can take place.

Player 2: Uses Banner

Player 1: Sees Player 2 used banner on the Green Lycantrope. (But at this point, the Lycanthrope has not attacked his 1 health creature yet.)

The game gives control back to Player 1 as if you were asked to discard your cards from your hand during opponent’s turn. Let’s say about 30 seconds is what you get.

Player 1: Gets option to either cancel, or use a counterspell if he has it in his hand. In this case, fortunately Player 1 did have a counterspell to give a + 2 protection & + 2 attack to one of his creature. So he decided to use it.

Player 2: Sees the use of counterspell. Without taking any action, his precious Green Lycanthrope not only unable to damage and destroy target creature, but will also be destroyed due to the opponent’s counter attack. So he decided to use another Banner that he had in his hand.

Player 1: Receives another choice of whether to use counterspell or not. In this case, player 1 no longer has any counterspell in his hand, thus just cancelled his turn.

Player 2: Successfully destroys target creature.

Stack System:
The above scenario uses the concept called stack, which is used in Magic the Gathering. It simply means you pile up spell cards in the order they were used. So above case would look like

Top: Second Banner
Giant (a spell that gives +2 on protection and +2 on attack)
Bottom: First Banner

Once all spells and counterspells are casted, spells will start to execute from top to bottom. So Second Banner +2 attack to Player 2’s creature, Giant +2 protection to Player 1’s creature, then finally First Banner +2 attack (total 4) to Player 2’s creature and the Lycanthrope attacks.

This system will allow cool spell battle between players.

Is it possible to implement this in EOJ?
Couple issues including counterspell in the EOJ.

1) Limiting # of spell cards per deck.
Unlike Magic, EOJ has limited spell cards that be placed in a competitive deck.  This is due to the fact that the goal of the game is to occupy 5 fields, which uses creatures; therefore, spell cards which only supplement the game but do not actually occupy any field will have limited space in a deck. Currently, ideal number is said to be somewhere between 4-6 cards per deck for spells.

However, it is now known that in the Set.2, there will be spell and creature’s ability to restore your library. So I think it is reasonable to add spells to destroy opponent’s library in the future.  If such spell becomes available, then one can focus on winning the game by out decking your opponent’s rather than occupying 5 fields. This allows the player to include many more spells in his deck.  Thus, the issue of not enough spells in a deck to have spell battle will be resolved.

2) Wait time during online mode.
I can definitely see some people might think this is a major issue with counter spell concept.  First, if counterspell is implemented there has to be some rule to it. Rules such as, you can only counter opponent’s spell but not reactivation of creatures or summoning a creature.  This way you do not switch focus every move your opponent’s make.  Perhaps, you can also make certain types of spell that cannot be countered like Socery spells.  This further limits the # of cards that can be target of the counter.

Once these rules have been established, the game has to treat every spell that can potentially be countered in the same manner. This means whether computer already know that Player 1 does not have counterspell in his hand or not, computer should still give an option to the player 1 to counterspell.  Otherwise, player 2 will immediately know that player 1 does not have any counterspell in his hand.

Giving a choice to a player to counter is just as giving a choice to discard a card except I would give a bit longer time to think.  Something like 30 seconds should be long enough. If it is your turn and you were to counter the counterspell, just as in discard situation, the time should come from 3 minutes that you get for your turn.

So I would argue for those people who would say switching between players is too much hassle, because it is already in the game as the way of discarding.

What is the probability that this will be implemented in the future?
It’s unforunate that I already know this functionality will not be included in the Set.2.  I have asked about this on the SCEA Marketing Manger’s Blog and he replied me back saying he has not seen anything like it in the Set.2.

However, as I have shown in this article, it is perfectly implementable in the game of Eye of Judgment.  I strongly believe this concept will make the game much more dynamic and exciting.  So who knows maybe in the Set.3…

I predict the probability that counter spell will be introduced in the Set.3 as 40%.