Dec 282008
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Japanese PSN now sells EOJ Calendar for 2009.

This is theme background based calendar for your PS3.  For entire 2009, it costs 500yen (approximately US$5).  Alternatively you can buy one of 6 individual calendar theme e.g) Jan/Feb, March/April etc.  These individual ones are selling for 100yen each.

Sure this doesn’t seem much exciting news, but at least we are still seeing something new for EOJ, which I believe is good sign.


Nov 102008
 November 10, 2008  Posted by at 7:34 pm General News 6 Responses »

Summary: Secondary to the recent announcement from Upper Deck that the North American Set.3 shipment has been delayed to mid-December, EOJ community has appeared to became increasingly anxious, in particular, with the future of Eye Of Judgment.  As many big EOJ Official Community Site has done this already, I have tried this myself as well and here is the response from SCEA Marketing Manager, Chuck.

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