Nov 082008
 November 8, 2008  Posted by at 4:22 pm Recap, Sample Unit 2 Responses »

Summary: In this series, I will try to recap some of new concept that will be (or is) introduced in the Set.3, which will certainly change the game play.  In this first of the series for the Set.3, I decided to put a focus on the new concept of “looking at your next card” before drawing.

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Apr 052008
 April 5, 2008  Posted by at 10:44 am Recap, Strategy 3 Responses »

Summary: In the game of Eye of Judgment, mana management plays a crucial role.  Despite the fact a player is guranteed to get 2 mana every turn, many creatures in this game require greater than 2 mana, and often these creatures are ones that becomes the winning move of the game.  It appears that many creatures introduced in the Set.2 has greater than 2 mana.  There are even creatures now who steals exit mana, destroy your mana pool during opponent’s turn etc.  So management of mana becomes even more important in the Set.2.  In this Recap series, I have summarized one of new way to improve your mana pool that was introduced in the Set.2, called “Summoning Reduction.” Continue reading »

Mar 202008
 March 20, 2008  Posted by at 3:31 pm Analysis, Recap 4 Responses »

Summary: With the amount of new cards revealed recently, I am sure many of you are extremely excited about the upcoming Set, but at the same time some of you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by thinking what to do with all these new abilities and concepts. The purpose of recap series is to summarize and group new upcoming Set.2 cards based on the concept. Hopefully, this will help both reader of this blog as well as myself to organize the massive information and start thinking about incorporating exciting new cards into our decks. In this first of the series, I have focused on the concept of “out decking.”

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