Oct 162008
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Summary: Thanks to Matthew for actual English description of Set.3 Phantoms.  You can check all 101 cards from Set.3 by clicking on the following link.  Card Library Set.3  At this point, please disregard Set.3 cards description that I have previously translated in other posts unless I have actual English Cards on it.

Oct 152008
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Summary: Remember the Set.2 booster box with only 2 URs?  Yes. Jirva was one of the best Set.2 card, but still spending close to $100 and get only 2 URs was nothing but a disappointment.  In fact, I bet some people stop buying boxes because of this.  So does Set.3 have these disappointing boxes?

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Oct 152008
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No stats of phatoms yet; however, it sounds like Biolith Phantom is called something like Scion, Triumphant. Very interesting to see what his stat would be.  Whether he would be good enough to replace Scion the Biolith Lord.  Definitely something to be excited about.