Nov 212013
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It is always the ultimate question for TCG.  What is the best deck?  Obviously, there should be no perfect deck that can win every single game; otherwise, the TCG balance is broken.  But what’s the deck type that provides the highest winning rate?  As of today, perhaps this is the one…

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Oct 132013
 October 13, 2013  Posted by at 5:13 pm Alpha, HEX, Video No Responses »

It’s buggy, and I could have only played 5 games or so for each of decks that I constructed i.e. 2.  But when I can play the game, its the best experience since I’ve ever had with my very first TCG.  It is too early to conclude anything here, but certain it is meeting my expectation.  Here is my limited first impression that I posted on

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Sep 022013
 September 2, 2013  Posted by at 6:00 pm HEX, Video No Responses »

All the appreciation goes to Hex Vault as in GenCon 2013, Hex Colin made excellent high quality audio recording of the panel, but this time he had also included high quality slide from the panel i.e. you can basically feel like you were actually there.  Supposedly there are even some card spoilers as well.  (I’m still listening to it right now).

UPDATED: HEXVault has updated from audio to video with high quality slides synced to the audio. This is the closest it can get for those of us who could not attend the DragonCon.

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