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In this series to look the status of game in 2018, I’d like to give now attention to Warlords of Terra.

Brief History

I saw this game first time back in 2015 when it was on kickstarter for digital version. It did not take too long to get my attention and full interest in the game. This game appeared different from other dTCG/dCCG that I’ve ever seen. The arts were gorgeous.  Some of unique mechanics include:

  • 2D battle fields with associated unique mechanics
  • Deck separating resource and others (creature/spell)
  • Hero/Champion abilities

I had full hope on this game. Unfortunately, the game did not get funding.

You can look at multiple articles I’ve written about this game here.

In 2016, the game; however, successfully received funding for physical version in Spanish (here).

What’s happening now?

The game is finally ready to be published in English version. The CEO/inventor of the game told me they are planning another crowd funding soon for this. Normally, I pass on physical card game; hence, the site has digital card gamers name, but WoT is an exception to the rule for me. I’m so intrigued by this game and want it to succeed and hopefully some day the physical card success revives the digital version development.

Digital Card Gamers Presents

I got an early access to English version card pictures. So stay tuned as I plan to cover exclusive articles with some of card spoilers talking about WoT in preparation to the crowd funding.

Official Site (in Spanish): http://warlordsofterra.es


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