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For those who had been following this site knows well that HEX TCG had been the primal focus of this site since the launch of the game on Kickstarter years back. Many dTCG/dCCG had launched since or similar time but many struggled keep their existence. HEX raising over $2 million funding on kickstarter had received the biggest attention from community and translated it into the game’s potential. However, even such game after 5 years seem to be in financial struggle.


Finally, to close out our Friday Update for the week, we have a few words from Cory Jones:


Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of information lately. Please know that a lack of news isn’t about things not happening, it’s usually about WHEN we can talk about what’s happening. As you know, HEX is now independently published. As a very small publisher, we must deal with the realities of living from the revenue HEX generates.

As you may have noticed over the last several months, revenue from Set 9 is sadly down, and this has put some constraints on our progress. We are currently working on plans to expand what HEX Entertainment does in an effort to build us up into a slightly larger developer / publisher, but we cannot go into the specifics as this is currently in process. However, we wanted you to be aware we are actively working on growing the company and, with it, the game.

Until these plans are finalized, we must be very careful with the resources we have available. We continue to have our team in place and working on the game, BUT we must delay Set 10 until we are in a place to kick off the art acquisition (the Set is designed, but we didn’t feel comfortable ordering art given our current cash flow). My hope is we will delay it by no more than 2 months, but we will need to realign the schedule for Sets in general based on this, and may want to fine tune that date.

I am aware this is not the news you want, and believe me it’s not the news I want to deliver. We remain committed to HEX and I hope to have great solutions in place soon.

Finally, if you are a cash prize winner, we have another batch of tournament payments going out Monday. We hope to have all the outstanding prizes paid by the end of July.

Cory Jones
President / CEO

Source: https://www.hextcg.com/friday-update-a-few-words/

It is hard to say what exactly went wrong with this game. There are still some features of the game that had not yet implemented even after 5 years that were promised during the kickstarter campaign. For me the main lacking feature is iOS/tablet support while smaller companies had successfully added the platform. It would have allowed me to play the game more often, more casually and one of the main reason I chose HEX over Magic initially.

I hope the game will make its come back with solid plan, but games like this is hard to regain its momentum once lost. My personal recommendation at the moment is avoid investing in this game i.e. try not collect cards. Enjoy while you can with free PvE. If you like to play cheap draft without intention of collecting card, it still is a good game.

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