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Spellweaver is holding 3 days promotion (any time before July 15) to allow all players to play with ALL cards for free. Don’t miss out this opportunity to test one of the best digital collectible card game.

Play with ALL CARDS Free for a Limited Time!

Did you ever want to try a Spellweaver deck but didn’t have the cards for it?

If the answer is yes, our Summer Promotion lets you do just that!

Also, YES, you can play in any game mode, including tournaments, and keep all rewards.

We have also prepared a wonderful collection of 10 fun and competitive decks for you, available at the click of a button, and letting you explore some of the most efficient strategies in the game.
If you like the decks you play in the promotion, you will also be able to purchase and keep the cards for them at special promotional prices. The only thing you need for that is gather 5 wins with the cards in Friendly, Ranked, or Tournament games, and winning more games will earn you an extra discount of up to 50%.

Hurry up and activate the promotion right now, and bring your friends – now is the perfect time to get them into the game!

the Spellweaver team

P.S: The Summer Promotion is available until July 15th – you can activate your 3-day free period at any time.


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  1. Love the game, hate the CCG model, so i gave up long time ago. Too bad. Has alot of potential.


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