Feb 222017
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It has been 5 months since the current PvP Set release. As HEX’s eventual goal is to have 3 PvP sets per year, this is one month more than their target. This update however is going to be one of the biggest one as there are few things happening besides new cards.

February 28th, 2017

275 new cards

With this Set release, there are several new features.

  • First standard format rotation
    • Set 1 (Shard of Fate) and Set 2 (Shattered Destiny) will rotate out from the Standard format.
  • Immortal Format Introduction
    • PvP format will now separate into Standard and Immortal.
    • This will allow us to use first set of Gems, all other champions etc.
  • Clash 1K Sealed Tournaments

    • HEX is finally getting limited tournament with a cash prize.


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