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I got a chance to spoil a card from upcoming PvP Set.


One of the main theme/mechanics of Set 5 and Set 6 is  synergy among alliance. This card clearly has the underworld synergy. Even with couple underworld troops, this card can be a solid removal.

As a removal

2 damage with 1 underworld troop is a relatively easy condition to meet. Perhaps even 4 damages are not too hard in appropriate deck. However, given its basic speed utility in the PvP scene may not be high for this purpose.

As a direct damage

Life Siphon is rotating out with the release of Set 6.  With cost of 2, life siphon can damage 2.  MM needs at least one Underworld troop on the board but with it, it can do the same damage with same cost.

In most cases, ceiling is higher with Life Siphon as building resource in control deck is easier than gaining board control with number of troops on board as latter condition is win bigger situation. Since we don’t currently see Life Siphon as top tier competitive deck in PvP, MM may not see much light here either.


Potential of the MM card is still there.  For instance, this may be perhaps a card that sees a good synergy with Shin’hare based swarm type deck.

What do you think? Do you have any exciting combo/synergy with this card?




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