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It’s been a while since new digital card game that caught my attention on Kickstarter. Epic seems to be an interesting addition to digital card game (dCG) list. The game has been in physical format for awhile, and now they are making digital version.

Key features

  • Buy Once Play All Business Model

    This business model in the digital card game is rare. In the past, a few games have tried this model but ended up changing to more common/routine business model of buy packs. One of more recent examples include game like Faeria changing the business model after couple years on market. This business model can certainly attract certain populations who don’t feel comfortable booster pack business model (essentially pay to win model).

    This game already has a physical version that is NOT collectible or tradable card game. So converting existing physical game into digital equivalent with same business model, I see no issue in this case. So here we can be confident this business model will not change.

  • Offline campaign mode

    This is also somewhat atypical in dCG world. Main reason for not allowing players to play game in offline mode seems to arise from the security reason. So Epic allowing this option is certainly a welcome as I am sure many of us wants to play dCG in airplane or other places where there is no wifi connection.

  • Ready to play

    Another relatively unique feature here is the game already has running Alpha version, which will become available for backers next month. So our wait is minimal.


Currently, physical version of the game is rated 6.6/10 with 2.5k voters on Board Gamer Geek website. On amazon customer review, the game has 4.2/5 with 32 votes.

Kickstarter Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1172937197/epic-digital-card-game

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  1. Loosk boring like Hearthstone. Now everyone is starting to copy that game sadly, like MMO’s copied WoW. I like my games complex and non cartoony


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