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Month of January marks 4 months since the release of Set 5.  With HEX planning to have 3 PvP Set a year, it needs to have new set released every forth month.  So technically speaking, they got a bit behind the schedule, but spoiler is here so anticipate the actual release sometime in February.  As with any new set in card game, there will be 3 new keywords.  Let’s take a closer look.


When a card Conscripts it:

  1. Creates a troop of the designated faction (Ardent or Underworld)
  2. And cost
  3. Changes all its thresholds to match those of the conscripting card
  4. Then puts that troop into your hand.

So when you’re belting out a Boisterous Ballad your opponent best beware – believing themselves bulletproof would be brainless at best because brisk beatings are brewing. There are a ton of fun possibilities for Conscript to hit:

This is another random card creation mechanics, which HEX likes, and perhaps one of the main design space opened up due to the game being digital only.


When you play a troop with Mobilize, you can, as an additional cost, exhaust a troop to reduce its cost by 2. You can only exhaust one troop per instance of Mobilize, and the card’s cost goes back to normal once it’s been played.

So Typhoon Skyshaper can be summoned for the cost of 4.  Obviously, he has more trick in its sleeve than that as its being quick, and can affect exhausted troop at the time of deployment.


Diligence powers are triggered effects that fire off every time the Diligent card readies.

This sounds like simply a new keyword applied to existing mechanics, and it indeed is.  However, assigning a new keyword means there is more expansion/emphasis on this concept.

HEX categorizes 3 subtype/effect of diligence.

Stat Boost

A troop that boost his own stat during the turn.

Spell Caster

Spell casters, who fire off an immediate effect, much like an action from a champion


Those who aspire to become something else entirely; Diligence serving as a mere stepping stone to their ultimate true form.

Transformation is another cool feature that digital space allows what’s typically difficult on physical realm.  In digital only card game, a card can transform to completely have brand new text/effect.  Although transformation itself is not a new mechanics in HEX, we just gained a new way to transform or perhaps ascend.


Three new keywords are coming with next Set.  All seems to be pretty cool mechanics but none seems to be a surprise or ground breaking mechanics.  But I understand they can’t keep creating ground breaking mechanics in each set.  What’s your take?

Source: http://en.hex.gameforge.com/news.html#/?p=11100


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