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It’s the time of year.  HEX will be having a flash back tournament, starting December 2nd.

December Flashback Fun

Many of you have been asking for a way to experience your favorite sets in limited once more. Well, we’ve heard you loud and clear! We are happy to announce that starting December 2nd we’ll be running “Flashback” tournaments in client!

What is a Flashback tournament? It is a tournament using packs and cards from sets that are not currently used in the limited tournament scene. Since no one has had the opportunity to play with Shards of Fate and Shattered Destiny in the Evolving Gauntlet format, we want to bring those sets out for a limited time for people to enjoy! Note that these special tournaments will temporarily replace the current Evolving Gauntlet queue for the duration of this event.

You will need 100 platinum and some combination of Shards of Fate or Shattered Destiny packs equal to two (2x Shards of Fate, 1x Shards of Fate and 1x Shattered Destiny, etc). You will be granted 1x opened Shattered Destiny pack after 1 win, 1x opened Shards of Fate pack after 3 wins, and 1x unopened Shards of Fate pack after 5 wins. Champions will be limited to those from Shards of Fate and Shattered Destiny when building decks in these Flashback tournaments. However, gems will still be those legal in the current standard format. We think this gives a fresh, exciting new way to experience some of our classic content and can’t wait to see the new life you will breathe into old and trusted strategies.

See you on the battlefield!


For those who had never got a chance to play HEX while on Set 1 or Set 2 format, this is going to be a great opportunity to experience that.  Others who had chance, this is still going to be a new experience as there wasn’t Evolution Gauntlet format back then, and Gems for this upcoming event uses current gem sets rather than ones that were available back in Set 1/Set 2 era.

The cards from Set 1 and Set 2 will be rotating out from the standard format up on the Set 6 release (here).  Although there will be immortal format where these set will remain usable, the value of the most Set 1 and Set 2 card are likely to depreciate.  However, some cards still likely to remain at its  high price point such as the most expensive non-AA card in HEX, Vampire King!  So if for nothing else, I hope to open one Vampire King!

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