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One of interesting feature/approach that HEX entertainment have been emphasizing ever since its public reveal on kickstarter is distinct separation between the PvE and PvP contents.  Many pledged perhaps for this exact reason i.e. PvE mode.  The second set (Chapter 2) of the PvE is coming before the end of the year.

Greetings Entrathians! You’ve been waiting patiently, and I’m thrilled to announce that we have some news for those of you consumed with thoughts of campaign capers.

Campaign Chapter II
Chapter II of our campaign is now on the horizon!

While the exact launch date will depend on how many Dreadlings escape into the code, we are working ferociously to get it to you this year! In the weeks to come, we will do deep dives on all the new content we have planned for you. For now, let me give you the big picture on what you can look forward to in the next few months.

Campaign Chapter II will include:

  • Mercenaries – Play with all of the mercenaries granted by the Wheels of Fate, chests, Kickstarter bonuses, and more!
  • The Ranger Class – Hunt for new ways to play with a brand new talent tree, passive, and champion power.
  • A New Level Cap – Play until level fifteen and unlock a brand new tier of abilities for your champions! Customize your characters like never before as you tackle the next chapter of our story.
  • A New Zone – Explore a whole new zone! Even larger than Chapter I, this addition to our campaign will give you unique challenges that change the way you think about and play HEX.
  • New Dungeons – Delve into 4 lush new dungeons and wrestle awesome loot from those who dwell within!

That’s all for now! Watch this space for future news, spoilers and insights into our new campaign update!


We’ve been working really hard to make sure that the Chronicles of Entrath: Chapter II update is fun and polished, while still striving to get it into your hands as early as possible. We know that many of you diehard campaign players are eager for more dungeons, quests, and levels. Our hope is to get you all of this exciting new content before the end of the year.

Adventure Pack and Dungeon Pack previews!
In order to ensure that we reach these goals, we’ve had to make some difficult choices about what features and game improvements would make it into this update. This means that, unfortunately, the Stronghold system will not be part of the Chapter II patch. Rest assured, we have not given up on getting Strongholds into the game entirely. We believe in the merits of the system and are excited for the depth it can add to the campaign, but we wanted to give it the appropriate development time so that we could release it in its intended fully featured form.

By pushing the Stronghold system to a future content release, we were able to focus on all of the other features that make Chapter II really exciting: new dungeons, new reward cards and equipment, a new tier of class talents, mercenaries, the new ranger class, and even some other new features that haven’t quite talked about yet.

PvE is for F2P

Player vs. Environment (PvE) is truly free to play.  You are playing against computer AI.  You can keep earning new PvE card, PvE packs by keep playing the PvE games.  Currently, you have no way to play against other players using PvE card; therefore, you won’t feel cheated there.  It has story.  It has class with level and talent trees.  It has level.  The game certainly feels different from many dTCG/dCCG where campaign mode is nothing but AI vs. your deck.  If you have not played it before, it is worth given a try especially for free.

PvE is HEX’s distinguishing feature

The PvE has a huge potential of its own.  HEX already had a strong core game mechanics/design that matches and resembles Magic the Gathering.  But PvE part of the game is what set this game apart from other dTCG/dCCG.  Adventure Zone 1 (Chapter 1) of PvE have an interesting fundamental design; however, it have not yet shown what it can truly do or perhaps should do.

Upcoming Chapter 2 will unleash Mercenary system where we will start feeling “party” concept from RPG in dTCG.  New class means new playstyle.  Of all, what I am most eagerly hoping to see is though not any of them, but instead what HEX had promised long time ago.  That is non-conventional play in card game.  I don’t know what it is.

Why we need PvE?

DTCG/DCCG is an expensive hobby.  Despite HEX provides half the cost to draft compared to Magic the Gathering, $7 per game play is still expensive.  Completing playset of cards for a given set costs on average $400, which is on par  with Magic the Gathering.  There are still players who are willing to pay this amount including myself.  These players are indeed the core supporting HEX alive and evolve.

However, we (those willing to pay for PvP experience) are generally saturated audience.  Untapped audience lies in those who have never played dTCG/dCCG or could not play or quit playing previously due to high cost.  PvE target this exact audience without devaluing the real monetary value of HEX PvP.

PvE is not a top priority for HEX entertainment as it won’t directly make money for the company.  However, it can attract untapped audience and perhaps convert some of them into players who puts money into the game.  Basically, HEX has created a business model where it can attempt to attract newer audience without devaluing PvP.

Keep it fresh

HEX finally gets into every 4 months PvP set release schedule.  I personally think it’s the perfect span between new set.  But those who play more frequently, this may be a bit too long.  PvE coming in between (probably not every set) provide additional piece to keep the game fresh all the time.

I am primarily PvP player, but I am still excited about PvE of the game because after all it’s still the part of HEX!

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