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Rock league? Singleton?  It sounds like official client can now support them.

2 Turns Ahead: Episode 123 An Evening with the Woods

Around 23:00 minutes mark on the 2 Turns Ahead Episode 123, Chris Wood from HEX entertainment talks about alternative PvP tournament formats.

Currently in game design are:

  • Rock – No more than 4 uncommon
  • Singleton – No more than 1 copy
  • Faction – Based on faction requirement

Although I have never participated, I know community had previously ran Rock league a few times successfully.  I also see on official forum talking about Silver league where players are allowed to use as many commons and uncommon but just no rare or legendary.

I personally see these special leagues are great especially for low budget/free to play players.  HEX has established itself well for Pro players now with Cosmic Crown Showdown, Fiveshard cup, draft etc.  But the game is such a fun game and money should not be complete hindrance for enjoyment for those who are not ready to invest.  Especially, I believe uncommon cards in HEX are very powerful and fun cards to play.

So it’s great in game client now has the capability.  What I really hope is then HEX make these not a special occasion event but always/scheduled available tournaments especially Rock and Silver type leagues.

What do you all think?

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  1. I think its an awesome Idea.. but it would be even better if it would run like a monthly thing. either like the current ladder, or a monthly sigh up with gold or even plat and get prizes at the end of the month. That would be very friendly user and make it more appealing. I would not play (not my type) but i know that this game needs more casual formats and i think its a great idea. Hex is the best as always 🙂

    • Yeah you are right. Daily is probably too frequent and will dilute participant i.e. may not launch enough tournament. So weekly/biweekly or monthly would be a good and that probably fits well to casual player. I won’t likely be playing either but I think it can increase potential player base on HEX and some of casual player may eventually shift to more real competition.


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