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One of the key attraction of dTCG/dCCG is frequent enough addition of new cards/mechanics to the game.  Afterall, we are talking about dCG not the chess, Go, or Shogi type strategy game.  HEX has one interesting, unique feature, which is now made more important than ever.


When HEX’s fifth set is released, it will simply be added to HEX’s Standard constructed format. We will then have a total of five sets legal for Standard constructed play.

However, with the release of HEX’s fifth set, we will additionally see new gems introduced and all of HEX’s current gems will rotate out of Standard constructed and into our new Immortal constructed format (more on that below). While we won’t always be rotating all of the gems with each rotation, in the case of set 5’s release you will have 20 brand new gems.

At the same time gems rotate out of Standard and into Immortal, they will also rotate out of Campaign formats (Note that cards will NOT rotate out of Campaign – more on that later). So Hex’s first gem rotation will occur with set 5’s release, and from then on every “odd” set (meaning HEX’s 7th, 9th, 11th, etc. sets) will cause Gems to rotate out.

Note that while our first rotation of gems will cause all of the gems to rotate, we will not necessarily be rotating every gem out of Standard with every Gem rotation (some gems may be allowed to stick around for another cycle). You may even see the return of older gems eventually.


When HEX’s sixth set is released, our first two sets (Shards of Fate and Shattered Destiny) will forever rotate out of Standard constructed and into our “Immortal” constructed format.

So Hex’s first set rotation will occur with set 6’s release, and from then on every “even” set (meaning HEX’s 8th, 10th, 12th, etc. sets) will cause the oldest two sets to rotate out.

Remember, while the oldest two legal card sets will rotate out upon the release of every even set as just described, socketing gems will rotate out every odd set.

Note that the champions of a given set rotate exactly the same way cards in that set do.

Socket/Gem system is a rather unique feature in HEX where those card that has Socket slot(s) are essentially customizable card for players even during the reserve phase.  This mechanics is not a gimmick.  Many top tier construct deck utilize socketable cards.

Standard format vs. Immortal format is not a new thing by any means, in fact they are very standard among TCG/CCG.  But what’s interesting here is Gem rotation and Standard Set rotation alternates.  Basically with this system, not only new set will stir the standard or limited formats, but even existing card can see significant change.

For some of you who are not familiar enough with HEX may think this is an overstatement, but take a look at the card below.

This card is current Standard format defining card.  This is a card that must be answered; otherwise, game over type of bomb.  The card is bomb because two gems that can be socketed into this card.  The combination of gems are basically “spellshield” where this card is untargetable by opponent card/effect, and if this card damages opponent champion you create a 3/3 troop.  Since Hierophant becomes bigger when a troop under your control enters the second ability makes him bigger and bigger on its own.

If it wasn’t these two gem combination, Hierophant won’t be as big bomb.  Still not convinced?

This card is the first, and only PvP card that got banned because when you put a socket where you can directly damage the casted troop’s attack power.  So not this card potentially provided 5 cost to cast a really big guys, but those guys can end the game immediately upon summoning and therefore, opponent couldn’t do much.  If it wasn’t the direct damaging gem, this card would have been fine one.

So basically, I’m very excited with the plan as it will keep this game feel very fresh every four months (as long as HEX entertainment can deliver new set every four month).



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