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When a game has two type of in game currencies and no systematic support for converting one to another, it becomes somewhat difficult to evaluate their values.  So let’s take a look at HEX’s two in game currency and see what is the actual value of “gold” currency in the game.


This is the most straight in game currency format in HEX.  US$1 worth 100 platinum.  Obviously, there is a way to buy these at discounted price as I have previously shown, but 100 platinum:US$1 is actual basis.


This type of in game currency format cannot be directly purchased but rather you can earn by playing PvE (in the future), playing in tournament, playing random opponent etc.

Platinum to Gold Conversion

The only way to do this within the HEX system is to use auction house.  However, you cannot directly buy/sell gold nor platinum.

So it is going to be indirect conversion i.e. you can purchase or sell item(s) with either gold or platinum.  There are wide range of prices for each individual card and ratio between gold and platinum are even wider.

So the best way to assess this is to look at most reliable item, which is a booster pack.

Shattered Destiny Booster Pack on Auction house has buyout minimum of 183, which has been relatively stable.  This same item in gold at the time of search shows all listed as 38000 starting price with buyout of 39000.

So using Shattered Destiny booster pack, we get 39000/183 = 213 golds/platinum.

Now to see how accurate or inaccurate this is, let’s take a look at Set 1 booster pack.

Currently, minimum buyout price for platinum is 129.  For gold, a few are listed as 24000 and several more at 28000.

24000/129 = 186 golds/platinum.

28000/129 – 217 golds/platinum.


So I think it is safe to assume about 200 golds/platinum +/- 15 or so based on these.  These numbers are not too off from what I have seen on several cards, but there are certainly cards that do not follow these conversion rate at all.  Mainly due to the fact certain cards are rarely sold as gold i.e. those who list have no competition.

Furthermore, with upcoming PvE release, it is of uncertain how much gold value will change since they will allow players to grind through gold without spending a money while having fun.

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