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HEX’s second set/first expansion is finally here!  Not just simple addition of cards, but new zone, more champion, and dual resource etc.


Increase the size of your collection with many new friends, actions, artifacts, and shards. The battle over Entrath has just begun, choose your side and conquer your enemies. Over 200 new cards are available for players to discover and collect. Build new decks around the major themes of the set, or add the cards into your existing decks for a big buff. Shattered Destiny works both as a stand-alone set and with Shards of Fate.

New Features


Dwarf and shin’hare troops burrow underneath the board to later break through and shock your opponent, who won’t know which troops you have underground until it’s too late! Tunneling allows for new tactics and strategies.


Double the gems, double the power! Select troops will feature two open sockets, so you can mix gem abilities. More sockets means more customization and card creation options for players who harness the power of their shards.

Special Resources

We’ve added more choices for players beyond the five original resources. New resources feature abilities like double charges, a choice of shard, and more! Multi-shard decks can expand even further with card choices.

Five More Champions

More champions provide new leaders for deckbuilding strategies! Play as any of the new Human, Shin’hare, or Coyotle champions with your deck. Sacrifice your weak troops to buff your stronger ones, or rally your troops to fight together. Resurrect your allies from the grave, or send them flying into the heavens. Their power is yours!

New Cards

Get ready to beef up your inventory! Shattered Destiny features over 200 new cards giving you unlimited combos of new decks and combining them with old ones to increase their strength. Crush your enemies and show off those sleeves!

Continuing the Story of Entrath

Chunks of masonry rain down on lurching cobblestone streets as the ground beneath the village rumbles from the frenetic movement below. Shin’hare and dwarf forces tunnel through the crust of the world, unleashing relentless ambush attacks simultaneously throughout the human realms.

Her Majesty, Queen Grace Boldheart, approves additional funding to increase Dragon Guard patrols to keep human settlements safe from the ruthless attacks from below. Amidst this unrest, Lady Shimmer is seen leaving the capital city of Adamanth with an unknown new squire, heading east towards the coyotle homelands on a mysterious mission.

Beyond the escalating tensions between the Ardent and Underworld, an insane mage named Hogarth makes a chilling discovery. Soon afterwards, strange missives begin arriving in all the major cities of the world, inviting intrepid adventurers to a remote spot in the Hyperborean Mountains …


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