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The second expansion/third set of the Shadow Era is now officially available.

logo image Shattered Fates is here
with 200 new cards!

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Shattered Fates
Winter is coming. And also dragons.
Shattered Fates Is Here!
Shattered Fates is the next expansion that features 200 new cards, including 10 new heroes, neutral armor and weapons, durability on activated items, and much more!

Shattered Fates booster packs are now available in the merchant. Just add one or more SF cards to your deck to be paired with other SF players. You’ll get to keep the cards, and they will automatically update as the beta progresses.

10 New Heroes
A real game changer!
10 New Heroes, 200 Cards
The Shattered Fates expansion features 200 new cards, including 10 new heroes, each with powerful new abilities sure to open up a wide variety of new deck builds! Will you stick with the original heroes or try something new?
Grab some big savings!
Huge 50% off sale on now!
Did you know that Shadow Era has a physical version too? Visit the official store to get 50% off class decks and booster boxes for a limited time! We also now sell digital shadow crystals, and you’ll get 50% more by buying direct!
Loads of Loot!
Free Crystals!
We’re giving away free bonus shadow crystals! Check the link below and find out how much you won!
Try the physical game!
Physical Game
We now have more than 60 champions worldwide promoting the game! Find players near you!
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