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Set 2 is on its way.  We all knew that?  Well, it is really on its way.  In fact, they have actually announced when its coming!

HEX Shattered Destiny

HEX: Shards of Fate is releasing its second card set, Shattered Destiny, in late summer 2014. This set will feature cards that can be socketed with two gems at once, allowing players to further customize their cards in a way only a digital trading card game can. Also, many Underworld troops will feature the Tunneling keyword. Your opponent won’t know what hit them when these surprise shock troops dig to the surface and wreak havoc on opposing forces.

All of these new cards are a perfect complement to cards from the first set, Shards of Fate. Players are able to mix these new cards with all other sets, or play with Shattered Destiny alone.

You’ll find these new features and more coming this August from HEX Entertainment.

Now the late summer to me sounds like end of September, which some players believe to early but for the current players this should be reasonable as the closed beta to the end of September give more than 3-4 months, which is standard for most popular TCG out there.

Now if you are in the game since Alpha, it would be almost a year at that point.

Another interesting thing about this announcement is the title of the set.  The next set of the Shadow Era is called “Shattered Fate.”

Did HEX copy the title?  Here is what I think.

Set 1 title of the HEX as we all know is Shard of Fate.  So they were probably planning to call the set 2, Shattered Fate but Shadow Era announced it before the HEX’s second set announcement, so they had to switch to Shattered Destiny.

But of course the most interesting part of this announcement is the two new mechanics.  One is double gem, which is great.  It as more customization to the card, and certainly HEX’s innovation further refined.

What I am really interested is the second mechanics, tunneling.  Based on the description, I am assuming it uses digital nature of the game and essentially your opponent’ will just see the silhouette/flipped card when you cast these troops, and really don’t know what’s attacking them.

If position of the card is looked at, the next turn it becomes obvious what the card is, so I assume digital nature makes these faced down card put in one lane/side with random order when shown to the opponent i.e. if you have 3 card with tunneling your opponent will see 3 faced down troops.

But when you attack, let’s say using the right most faced down troop, it will be shown as left most troop that is attacking to the opponent.  In fact, if you choose middle troop next turn, what is seen on the opponent is the same that the troop is attacking but the position is from the left i.e. the position is always left to right for defender. Achieving this type of thing on the physical realm is very difficult, so certainly digital only feature and I am really looking forward to this.



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