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What excites me more than anything else when comes to dTCG update is the new mechanics.  It is just so fun to imagine and dream the potential of the game when new mechanics are introduced.  With so many cards that had already been revealed for Set.1, I did not expect much when comes to  new mechanics in this set despite they are still spoiling handful cards with each update.  Cryptozoic proved me that I was wrong.  Among the all things, the most exciting part of the recent patch for me is indeed this new concept of “replica”.


Hi players! Ben Stoll here again. I want to discuss a few cards changing in Set 1 and introduce you to Replicas.

In previous design discussions surrounding “the best way to execute copies” there were some cool thematic and mechanical ideas that we sort of left on the table. So, we recently decided that we should simply execute two different takes on this design space. We’ll still be introducing “Copy” effects in the near future, but we’ll be kicking set 1 off with “Replica” effects.

So what, you may be asking, is a Replica?

When you create a Replica of a card, it’s like a copy of that card in every sense, but it looks at the way the card is in your collection.


-A Replica loses all threshold and becomes an artifact.

-A Replica always gains the subtype “Replica” in addition to its other types.

-A Replica also always gains the sub-type “Robot” in addition to the replicated card’s types, if it’s a troop.

-Replicas never have uniqueness (so if I make a replica of Ozawa, they can both exist in play).

So, permanent modifications (either positive or negative) and socketed gems won’t be a part of the replica since they’re not a part of the blueprint so to speak, but you can play multiples of the replica and you will be able to replay them should the troops bounce back to your hand or come back to life out of the graveyard.

Here is an example of a troop that’s been effected by Atrophy this game, and a replica of that troop.

Modified Uruunaz

The new Mimic design shows off a little bit of the cool space we can explore with Replicas—you can key off of your opponent’s card, and because Replicas don’t retain threshold, you’ll be able to easily play any Replicas from your hand.  Players building decks that key off of robots or artifacts will also have a little bit of new space to explore—you can make a robot Replica of anything!

Replicator’s Gambit is very close to the same—you lose a little bit of functionality that was offered with a copy effect, but you also gain the ability to slaughter your opponent with say, an army of Robot Dragons no longer limited by the Unique tag.

As you can see, the thematic direction of Replicas is also owning its own space, and is right in line with the Dwarves. Finally, theDoppelgadget will also now be transforming into a Replica.

Like I said, we will still be doing standard copy effects in the future—where a card retains ALL properties, including threshold, shard, and uniqueness—but we believe it will be beneficial for our exploration of design space to have access to both of these effects, and we want to do both of them right. Replicas aren’t in the game yet, but they’ll be in an upcoming patch in the very near future.

Source: http://hextcg.com/patch-v823-breakdown/

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