Nov 282013
 November 28, 2013  Posted by at 10:31 pm Set 3: Shattered Fates, Shadow Era No Responses »

Now I may be giving too much credit to the HEX, but good competition is always good for consumers.  None of us have really seen exactly the HEX’s PvE in action, but what Cory Jones made it sound like is certainly a couple step ahead (probably more) than any other dTCGs had done in the past.  Is it innovation?  No.  Some games I can think of are like Yu Gi Oh PSP, or Eye of Judgment PSP, or famous among old time TCG players are the Magic’s Shanldar.

So it may not necessary be the HEX that inspired other dTCGs, but at least pushed others companies to finally expedite its plan before game like HEX becomes public and claims “the only MMO/TCG”.

Today, let’s take a look at Shadow Era’s approach on its campaign mode.

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Nov 242013
 November 24, 2013  Posted by at 12:35 pm Alpha, HEX No Responses »

The patch applied a few days back were rather major one.  Not only some of the new cards were added but some of those were truely new i.e. I never seen on either alpha card list that was released while back as PDF nor was on the HEX TCG Browser database site. Furthermore, there were major card balance changes.  With all these together, it proves one thing.  HEX is no different from other dTCG.  It will continue to see balance fixes as we go along.

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Nov 212013
 November 21, 2013  Posted by at 1:18 am Alpha, HEX, Set, Video No Responses »

It is always the ultimate question for TCG.  What is the best deck?  Obviously, there should be no perfect deck that can win every single game; otherwise, the TCG balance is broken.  But what’s the deck type that provides the highest winning rate?  As of today, perhaps this is the one…

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Nov 172013
 November 17, 2013  Posted by at 1:07 pm Discussion, HEX 1 Response »

This is rather a hot topic in HEX community right now because the most recent patch included the change.  I, personally, chose HEX over many other great dTCG out there because of its potential and flexibility of “almost I can do anything I want.”  Aside from the Magic the Gathering Online, I really had not seen any other dTCG that used true dyanamic interactive play (DIP) style system.  Then HEX came out, but is this about to change, or not?

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Nov 122013
 November 12, 2013  Posted by at 10:47 pm HEX, News No Responses »

Nothing was really spoiled here, but I actually trust HEX TCG Pro site more than any other HEX site when it comes to accuracy of strategy.  That to me seems like these are trustworthy guys.  In any event, HEX Pro just posted an article about their experience of visiting Cryptozoic office recently.

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