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New dTCG/dCCG are just keep coming.  Perhaps not all will see the light, and some may not even worth our time but as a fan of dTCG/dCCG, this is a good trend.  More games there are, more options for everyone.  Today, I am writing a brief preview of a new dTCG that is currently on Kickstarter, called World War II: TCG.



World War II: TCG is the first multiplatform Digital Card Game based on World War II, available for iOS, Android and browser. With over 200 unique cards and unique strategic features. 

Platform: iOS, Android and browser

Publisher: FrozenShard, indie studio.  Developers are former Blizzard Entertainment workers.

What’s good?

Polished UI

Perhaps this may be one of the main strength.  I have got a chance to play a pre-build version on a desktop.  The visuals of the game is already so well polished to the level where it looks like PSP or Nintendo DS games.  You see so many dTCG (so as developers claim) not only have very simplified mechanis i.e. falls more like card battle game rather than real dTCG, but not only that there are games with very poor visual presentation.  With WW II: TCG, you don’t have to worry about this part.  It’s already superior to many other dTCG out there in this regard.  One quick example that have similar level of graphic representation I can think of is Order of the Chaos TCG.

Campaign Mode

The game’s single player mode consists of 100 warfare missions, distributed in 10 Campaigns based on historical military events from WWII.

During the campaign you will be able to recruit famous units from different factions, climb up the military ranks and meet many characters that will help you raise your own Army.

We have many plans to improve the Campaign mode. Over on the stretch goals you can see we marked our first big improvement: Daily Heroic Missions.

Once you complete specific Campaigns, you will be able to unlock Heroic Missions that can be accessed once a day. Those missions will be extremely difficult but they will reward you with a Random Rare card with chances of being Epic!

We have many more improvements for the Campaign Mode just watch for updates to learn more about them!

Not all dTCG, dCCG are equal.  Ideally, you will find a game that you play PvP and PvE any time anywhere but that just isn’t a case right now.   With a large company, PvE is somewhat expected feature but for Indy, this may end up being the least priority for developers, and hence, most game we won’t even see it at the launch, or if we do see one then those ends up being nothing but repetitive AI battle.  Sorry to pick on this, but game like Shadow Era’s “AI mode” has a world map but otherwise you just click AI character and do duel one after another.  This may not be a bad thing for those who are really looking for PvP experience and AI is more of deck testing (though far from good testing), or use PvE as just a method to acquire in game currency.

However, I am certain there are enough of us who are interested in as much as PvE (single play mode).  There may even be people who are just interested in PvE.

Afterall, dTCG is a game so I think the core lies to have a fun, not feel like work to get experience point, or  in game currency.  From the first glance, WWII TCG may provide decent campaign mode if for nothing else.  Take a look at the picture below.

Unfortunately the version I got tested does not have these real campaign mode, but with the quality of game they have, I have no doubt they can pull these off without a doubt.  These developers are very professional, and appears to be highly experienced when comes to interface.

World War II Setting

This is where I must put myself as a not the best reviewer of this game because I just don’t know much about WWII.  But I know there are many out there who loves the setting of WWII.  For those, this game probably won’t let you down.  Cards you use have the real names from the WWII with some flavor text that explains a brief thing about them.  So this can be certainly a huge attraction to those who like this setting.

Game Play

The game play is simple purely turn based system (PTB) with no worry for resource screw.  Yet they have some basic features to add some degree of depth including level up cards, equipment (cards that you can put on your troops), and orders (like a spell that directly targets troops).

The battle field have 6 slots for your troops as shown below.

As with other dTCG whenever there are slots for your troops/creatures, the game can incorporate some positional mechanics.  I see no exception to this game i.e. it will have a potential to use positional element to add another layer of depth to the game.

Resource system

As mentioned above, you won’t have resource screw with this game.  This game uses what I classify as automatic resource system (ARS).  Each turn you get 3 action points, which you can use to deploy troops, promote (level up) existing units, use order cards or equip item etc.  There are many who complains about resource screw as negating the fun of the game, you just don’t need to worry about that in this game.


Somewhat different from the norm but similar to Solforge, in this game at the end of turn you put all cards that you did not use that turn back into your deck.  Furthermore, destroyed cards also go back to the deck.  This type of system provide an environment where you can draw multiple times the same card during one game, and that by  itself add some planning.  Obviously, this system won’t be any good if your promoted (leveled up) troop goes back to level 1.  So just like Solforge if you have promoted your card and it gets destroyed, next time you draw the card it will be at the level where it got destroyed.


These may not be a true weakness but rather personal preference, but due to the game’s design, it is relatively deep but the actual depth of the game play will not compare to Magic or HEX.  I see this as more like Solforge level of depth.

So for those of you who are looking for flexible, deep (sometimes too complex?) dTCG experience, this game may not be the answer for you.

Overall Impression

WWII: TCG does not strike me as unique dTCG but I probably would say the same for any dTCG in this era.  What set this game apart is its presentation.  Despite prebuild version, and the game being made by Indy company, it is already very well polished when compared to many other dTCG on Kickstarter.  It is easy to learn.  The world ward II setting may be a huge appeal to some.  The game play is not and will never be Magic or HEX level of the depth because of its fundamental design but it can provide enough depth for those who likes other mobile dTCGs such as Solforge, Hearthstone, Shadow Era.  If I have to summarize this game in one sentence, I would call “Solforge of World War II.”, which I hope most people sees as compliment.

The kickstarter is ending in less than 2 weeks, so if you are interested go check out their official site, or kickstarter page.



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  1. NEAT! I haven’t played this at all. Where can I get it?


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