May 312013
 May 31, 2013  Posted by at 4:59 pm Infinity Wars, News 1 Response »

As you can probably tell based on my recent posts, two digital TCG I am most excited about at the moment are HEX and Infinity Wars.  Infinity Wars have a really great potential and uniqueness.  The only potential drawback or challenge (in my opinion) was the price point.  But it looks like Lightmare now seems to address this matter a bit in an interesting way.

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May 252013
 May 25, 2013  Posted by at 11:47 pm HEX, News 11 Responses »

Though the pace of the kickstarter funding had slowed down significantly, HEX is still on target for its last $1.5 M stretch goal.  There had been quite few negative comment about boosting on some of $250 tiers but not affecting Pro or Grand King Tiers and up.  Are these really an issue?  Is Cryptozoic being stingy?  Let’s take a look at these controversial tiers and do a quick cost analysis and see how much we are really saving.

UPDATE: Forgot to include $180 worth of 90 extra Set.1 booster packs in the Grand King Tier.

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