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Each update of the beta continues to evolve and refine.  Although there are many things to talk about regarding to the most recent update, one thing caught my eye is actual implementation of “Fortress” art.

Update 3/3/2013

I got reply back from Elphie.

No in game impact just a vanity potential around alternate default fortresses.

So no attacking fortress solo deck.


While back, I have mentioned briefly about this but in Infinity Wars the goal is not to take down opponent’s player or hero down to 0 health but rather Fortress health to 0.

Now in many TCG, the player is considered as the summoner so it is easy to understand conceptually.  In game like World of Warcraft TCG, Carte or Shadow Era, you have actually Hero card itself to represent the hero so again make sense to call it hero.

So why does Infinity War refer it as “Fortress”?  My initial thought was perhaps they had some plan to implement some mechanics related to this concept.  Now with the latest update, we actually have a fortress art.  When we attack opponent’s fortress (= player on other games), we actually see an animation that the Fortress art drawn card is pulled up and damage is inflicted on it.

I can only hope this is there for future expansion.  Because if we start treating fortress as a card, we can really do many things based on it.  In fact, they can even dedicate an expansion specifically for it.  In any event, there is no confirmation about this by any means but certainly something to look for, and if ever happens then you know who guessed the first.


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