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Summary: This is a digital card game which raised $400k+ kickstar pledge.  The official version is not out until April, but you can now grab a preview copy at Apple Store for your iPad.

What is Solforge?

Obviously, it’s a digital card game.  The major reason why it have raised so much money successfully is most likely related to the fact that this game is built by developers of Ascension and the founder of the Magic the Gathering, Richard Garfield.

SolForge combines all of the strategy and depth of a traditional trading card game experience with the convenience of online and mobile gaming. Players will be able to experience Solforge absolutely free and can grow their collection just by playing the game.
Build your own decks to play against your friends, compete in online tournaments, and explore a rich fantasy world in a single-player campaign mode in which your actions can affect the direction of the story.

Play wherever and whenever you want, for as long or as short as you please. Bring your SolForge experience with you wherever you go!

Who Are We?

The team behind SolForge has years of experience making and playing games, and this project is the culmination of lifetimes devoted to gaming. We created Ascension, the award-winning deckbuilding game and iOS app, and our design and development credits prior to becoming Stone Blade Entertainment include many other games you may have played and enjoyed.


Can I try?

Yes. That is the only reason why I am writing this today.  Solforge preview version is available exclusively on iPad.  There will be eventually Android and PC versions.

How is it?

Given the preview version only have a single player mode and tutorial with still some features under implementation such as “structure” card, it is difficult to say how the game will end up at the time of release.  On this limited preview edition, I see both pros and cons.


  • Good art
    In fact, one of the major draw back on Ascension was the art.  It never looked professional built game.  But Solforge is in the completely different arena.  Their arts are pretty good
  • Simple to learn
    There are only two basic card types (spell and creature) and will be third (structure).  Goal is to deplete opponent’s health down to 0.  The battle field is horizontally aligned 5 slots for you, and facing to them are your opponent’s 5 slots.  No resource management.  The end result is extremely easy to learn.
  • Level up mechanics
    One of the selling feature in the Solforge is  leveling up card.  It is not a ground breaking new concept, but given every single card has the ability to level up and making it core of the game is  certainly interesting


  • Too simple?
    Perhaps, this is too early to say and likely personal preference but just like Ascension the game mechanics are interesting, and definitely strategy and tactics are there.  However, given the limitation of 5 active card slots, lack of mana/resource concept, only 3 fundamental card types.  They all seem to point to a direction where overall game experience may become too simple after a while.  However, in the digital card game world, this may be what most people want.

First impression

So overall, I believe this is a great game.  Simple to learn, decent level of playing depth, level up mechanics works well in the digital world, good art and so on.  For now, though it seems like another great addition to the mobile platform trading card game but if you are looking for the depth of the game like Magic the Gathering, Yu Gi Oh or Carte, I am having hard time foreseeing this would reach to the level of the depth.  This can be either good or bad depending on what you are looking for in digital TCG.

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