Dec 222012
 December 22, 2012  Posted by at 12:15 am Expansion 1, Shadow Era  Add comments

Summary: This is a week of Shadow Era spoiler.  Apparently, Wulven has been spoiling a card every day from its upcoming the first expansion this week.  As name says, all these card will be “class card.”  So far, three cards have been revealed.



Comment: Shatter Ice is definitely something that we could have expected/hoped when we figured out one of the mechanics added on the first expansion is focusing on the “damage type” synergies. So it’s great.  Rolling Boulders is an addition to 3 cost trap i.e. second 3 cost trap in the game.  The interesting part of this trap is actual specification of the opponent ally cost.  They cannot waste your trap by simply casting a cheap ally as this only triggers with cost 5 or up.   All cards definitely seem to fit well with Shadow Era’s theme/mechanics.

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