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Summary: I have already covered Aggro and Control Archetype so the last of the 3 would have been the Combo archetype.  To my surprise (explained later), I cannot write a single post to cover this.

Combo Archetype Definitions

In order to understand the term “combo” appropriately, you need to first know the difference between “synergy” and “combo.”  So let’s start with definition of the two.


“Combo” refers to the the interaction of two or more cards (a “combination”) to create a powerful effect that either wins the game immediately or creates a situation that subsequently leads to a win.  In general, cards in “combo” tend to be suboptimal as individual cards but creates very powerful effect when combined.


“Synergy” refers to the interaction of two or more cards but not strong enough to win game i.e. many decks have synergy.  Generally speaking, in synergy a good card makes other good cards even better.

As a side note, there are two types of synergies: intentional synergy and accidental synergy.

Intentional synergy is the synergy intentionally created per the card design i.e. card explicitly states/specifies interaction.  For example, Pack Wolf has self synergy i.e. more pack wolf on the board more bonus they get, which are specified on the card ability explicitly.

On the contrary, accidental Synergy is not explicitly created at the time of card design; however, players find on own.  For instance, protect your own ally by holy shield from tidal wave.

Now that we understand the distinction between the “combo” and “synergy”, let talk about combo archetype.

The decks in this archetype aim to achieve a specific “combo.”  To make a valid combo archetype deck, the aiming combo must be reliable enough to produce at a regular basis, and strong enough to win the game if the combo is successfully achieved.


Combo Archetype Decks

Generally speaking, due to its requirement i.e. multiple card interacting each other, when a new TCG is made, the true Combo Archetype deck is either completely absent or very minimally implemented.  This is usually a fair approach as Combo tends to be extremely fun to play but often difficult for beginner’s, and when there are limited card pool, it is very difficult to cover combo concept from design perspective.  So I was not expecting much Combo Archetype deck in Infinity Wars at least during the first set, but I was totally wrong on this.

If anything, I must say the designers are really into Combo Archetype.  The game most strongly supports Combo Archetype.  So I am very grateful that I now got a permission to spoil any card I want, because I can now talk about these potentials individually with actual examples.

Alt Win Deck Type

As in other two archetypes, there are several deck type i.e. subcategory under the combo archetype.  Today, I am going to discuss about Alt-Win deck type.

Any deck that utilizes specific cards or strategies that win you the game without bringing your opponent down to zero life is considered ALT-WIN decks.  If achieving the goal to win the game instantaneously at the moment you meet the criteria, then the deck is specifically called “Insta-Win.”  Infinity Wars have “Morale”, and it can technically be considered as Alt-Win deck but given its nature of control play, I would personally category it under Control deck.  As an example in other games, Magic has a way to win if opponent gets 10 infect counter independent of opponent’s player’s life, which is specific type of damage you can inflict on the opponent.  Yu Gi Oh had cards called Exodia if you can cast it, you win the game instantaneously.

 Usually, this alternative win is something we won’t see until game matures, but Infinity Wars have you covered from the beginning.  Let’s take a look at a card.



So by bringing Shrine of Victory to its completion, you basically win the game instantaneously.  Obviously, it is not a easy task to achieve; otherwise, overpowered.  It is vulnerable because if your opponent have location destroy card, your full effort is countered easily.  But as I stated above combo cards are generally not strong by alone, and in true Combo Archetype Decks you goal is to achieve the combo so it should not be easy.

In any event, despite only 100+ cards available, Infinity Wars already shows clear evidence and plan to support Alt-Win deck types.


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