Dec 232010
 December 23, 2010  Posted by at 2:27 pm Uncategorized 1 Response »

It’s been a while since my last update. In fact, I did not plan to update the site until yesterday. So what happened yesterday? Well I downloaded newly released TCG on PS3 from Japanese PSN store. The game is called “Elemental Monster.” Unfortunately the game is not out yet anywhere in the world except in Japan. But the way they are phrasing, it sounds like it will eventually come to other regions as well.

I will start writing about more detailed review, game mechanics etc. in the future but for now, I would say I am impressed. I did not expect much on this game as the price tag is 100yen (~$1 US). A deck consist of only 6 cards. I could not stop playing this game last night. And my initial impression so far about this game is as good as EOJ if not better (at least for now).