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Summary: A bit late post, but as you all know NA version will be called “Eye of judgment legend”  Personally, I like the Wizard of Oracle subtile better…

From official Sony Blog,

Hi everyone! I’m Kumi Yuasa, one of the US SCEA producers here in Santa Monica, and I’m here to introduce one of the newest fantasy titles to you, made especially for the PlayStation Portable system, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS. Much like the earlier version we released on the PS3, THE EYE OF JUDGEMENT LEGENDS is a digital card-based game that lets you collect, trade and battle magical creatures on the move that combines card trading, magic and adventure with the freedom to play wherever players want! Available as a download only from the PlayStation Store in Spring 2010, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS will be the perfect way to capture any gamer’s imagination wherever they are!

EOJP_logoEN091009FIX(layer copy

THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS on the PSP packs a vast world of magic, mystery and battles into the palm of your hands. At its heart are more than 300 digital trading cards, over 30 of which are brand new to the franchise! What makes it even more portable is that the card collecting experience from the PS3 hit has been streamlined, no longer requiring the PlayStation Eye peripheral nor physical cards to be carried along with you. The PSP version’s digital cards can be earned by playing through the game, traded wirelessly from one PSP to another, won in battle with friends and enemies, and even bought from the PlayStation Store in future downloadable content releases. Each card features a monster, dragon, mage or mythical warrior with their own special skills ready to do battle against your opponent, and some cards are rare to come across. However, players must carefully choose among the cards they have collected to compile their ultimate deck. The cards are not lifeless images – these creatures come to life on screen springing out of their card and into attack, battling real time as they hack, slash and cast spells on each other. Deploy the right creatures from your deck to defeat your opponent and secure victory!

12_Duel01 copy 13_Duel02 copy

With more than 300 cards to collect, great adventures to be had and great times with friends to be enjoyed, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS is an essential PSP title for all lovers of fantasy, action and strategy.

I’ll leave you with that for now. Continue to check back here on the PSBlog for updates about the new single and multi player modes, plus other news on THE EYE OF JUDGEMENT LEGENDS!

20_Menu copy 04_Prologue01_Revised copy


  8 Responses to “Eye of Judgement Legend is the official Name”

  1. Some of the changes will make this a better game, but Sony can kiss my ass if they think I will play this game after they way they so royally fucked up the PS3 version, Turns out everyone who was suckered into playing the PS3 game was just a test dummy so they could get it right next time.

    They should of dedicated the resources to fixing the PS3 version over making it a different console release. even a shred of effort to fix the Vengeress after the set 3 release and I would of been interested in the PSP version but thanks to the lack of support they can kiss my ass

  2. Hard but right. I agree with your comment.

  3. I haven’t ruled out the possibility that they will bring PS3 EoJ up to speed with the PSP version at some point.

  4. @Killer Shark

    I hear you. Though I have PSP and likely I may pick up EOJ Legend, I’m still disappointed that this is not for PS3 and certainly don’t plan to spend buying only digital version of cards.

    If it wasn’t the mixture of the real card and video game, I would have never started playing this game. May be this EOJ Legend is the testing version of the TRUE PS3 EOJ Project?

    Like Eric said let’s keep our hopes up.

  5. I’m hoping Sony realizes that the ‘early adopter’ market for the PSP version is in fact the PS3 players, and they (Sony) would do well to provide some fan service to us to generate a little extra good will and interest in “Legends” Specifically:

    1) Provide patches/updates to PS3 EoJ to make it on par with Legends

    2) Re-print all of the Set 1-3 cards with updated stats – and provide some kind of trade-in program to swap the older cards for new ones. (free up to a certain quantity, discounted pricing, etc)

    There is also a HUGE opportunity here for Sony to support cross PS3/PSP gameplay, card import/export, remote play etc. It would be a real shame if they failed to capitalize on it.

    And in case they need any more reasons, Sony should remember that any new PS3 EoJ player they can bring into the fold = a likely PSP Legends customer AND another user who has an Eye camera and will be ready to use the motion control wand thingy in the future.

  6. @Ratchet426

    It would be really cool to have #2. If that happens Sony’s LOYALTY for customers really shines.

    They need to realize that this is their new IP and has really huge potential, but need to advertise better and definitely should continue supporting rather than simply jumping to PSP and make it all digital.

    In the worst case, I feel like they can post sleeve inserts with updated stats for free print or cheap purchase. This way it won’t cost them. Definitely not as good option as what you mentioned, but I feel this is something bit more realistic.

  7. I don’t have much else new to say about this, but I couldn’t agree more with the previous posts that the main reason I even got into EoJ was because it used physical cards and it was playable online, and if all of a sudden Sony discontinues their support for PS3 EoJ, I certainly won’t support the PSP version after how much money most of us spent on the PS3 version only to have the cards lose most of their value because of the lack of continued support.

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