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Summary: EOJ’s mascot character Cubics will get a change.  The change will be..

Here is the old Stat

New stat is

Race – Egg
Affiliation – None


– Sacrifice Red Cubic to summon a non-cubic Fire creature in its place (facing any direction) without paying the Summoning Cost. This summoned creature cannot attack this turn. This does not end your turn.

– This creature will not produce exit mana.

(A) None (C) none (B) E/S/W

Comment: I really like this update.  this small change again shows players need to be more skillful to play this game well.  Unlike before, you can’t simply put a cubic in your first turn and say “even if my cubic get destroyed, I get my mana back.”  You are paying for what you do.  So even with the simple first turn cubic placement, you need to think twice.

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  1. You mean “exit mana”…

  2. Yeah. Exit Mana.. In japanese, they called it “Trash bonus”

  3. I don’t understand this change at all. Cubics weren’t very competitive because a lot of things had to go right for a cubic user to take full advantage of a cubic. Having one in your opening hand, anticipating what deck your opponent might play especially if you are going first as it’s very difficult to have a cubic survive when going second anyway, then having to hope that your opponent doesn’t have an immediate answer. Even if all of that happens and you can cubic something out, a lot of the time it won’t have enough impact on the game to be worthwhile considering the card disadvantage incurred from using it and that a lot of creatures decent to cubic out may be best played later on in the game for their initial attack or for other reasons. Yellow Cubic was the only one that was viable at all because first move on F9 it had a decent chance of surviving a turn combined with earth creatures usually having a high HP, but in any case you very rarely saw cubics in competitive play because of how situational they were.

    As you said, the one upside of cubics is that you knew if they got killed you’d get exit mana, but after set 3 Rageflame Spitter proved a good countermeasure to cubics without having to immediately kill them, although apparently even that was changed and in all likelihood is next to unplayable now as well.

  4. Not a very good change indeed. Cubics were one of the few things that allowed to play a different type of deck instead of the every present 3 types owning on Ranked (Mana-Control, Attrition and CoP).

    Hopefully at some point people involved behind EoJ will listen to their fans and actually read forum feedback like Konami finally did related to PES 2010.

  5. @Apophis

    I really like your detailed analysis with each card, though some I personally may not agree with. But that’s just show nobody knows how the game will change after all with all these changes.

    I could go without no change in Cubic, but the reason I liked the change is that Mana is essentially everything in this game. What cubic does is amazing on its own. It essentially saves you = gains you several mana. But with the way it is currently, despite it’s power as you said people aren’t taking as much risk or thought. Especially as if you are a first player. You cast the cubic on its corresponding field and gain 2 field bonus. Now you have health point of 3 and spent only 1 mana. If it doesn’t get destroyed, you get to summon a huge creature without single mana and yet also allowed to summon second creature during your second turn.

    Whereas, your opponent essentially have to spend all your effort to kill the cubic. Perhaps placing a creature facing a way you don’t want. The Rageflame approach unfortunately won’t work during the first turn as you can’t kill the cubic with it.

    Despite spending all those effort, what ends up happening is your opponent gains his mana back next turn i.e. almost as if he started out with 4 mana; whereas, you spent 2 mana and summoned creature in a way you may not really wanted to (such as having blind spot).

    But now with this exit mana restriction with cubics, I believe First turn vs. Second Turn advantage has further cut back. If you use cubic, you must aware and take a risk. Because if your cubic gets killed, next turn you have only 3 mana and lost 1mana. Whereas, your opponent will likely have 2 mana following the turn and if you kill the opponent creature, he also will have 3 mana i.e. balanced!

  6. @houshasen

    I disagree about what cubics do being amazing on their own, at least as far as what’s going to happen on average for a cubic user. Sure, the best case scenario can be pretty devastating for the opponent, as I know my worst losses ever have come from being unable to kill or neutralize a Yellow Cubic on F9 and my opponent then cubicing out a creature that was nearly impossible to deal with and was guaranteed to have a big impact on the game, but against cubics of other elements I’ve very rarely had problems and even a lot of the time against an opponent with the Yellow Cubic to F9 first move I’ve still managed to win.

    Rageflame Spitter was a perfect counter to cubics in set 3 though, because it either forced your opponent to kill it or they couldn’t sacrifice an adjacent cubic, and by the time an opponent would manage to kill it, you’d nearly always be able to kill your opponent’s cubic. Rageflame Spitter would be even better now if it wasn’t changed because playing it next to an early cubic would not only neutralize it but also deny your opponent the exit mana from it whenever you got around to destroying it. However, apparently it was also changed extensively to where it attacks a creature in front and back and has two blind sides, so I doubt I would play it any longer, but if it remained the same as it was in set 3 I’d definitely continue using it in the decks I was using it in.

  7. @Apophis

    FIrst of all, I apologize because I though the ability of Rageflame was to actually block the exit mana, but it turns out like you said sacrifice block. So yes it is great counter.

    Having said this, I still think Cubic is just another advantage for being the first player, though may not appear as big as some other cards. Just like Isle of Kadena.

    I think this change will take away the first player advantage at least for the use of Cubic. 🙂

  8. Cubic did not need a change.
    If they do, then they should be improved not nerfed as it was made by Sony


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