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Summary: One of my friend once said, why isn’t he ultrarare?  Well, I agreed his point back then.  But now..

Here is his old stat


If Novogus Catapult is destroyed, you gain mana equal to the number of Earth fields.

(A) N2 (C) N (B) S

Now his new stat is


If Novogus Catapult is destroyed, you gain mana equal to the number of Earth fields.

(A) N2 (C) N (B) S W/S/E

Comment: It still has the key ability of gaining mana back, but what made this creature true power house was it’s health, attack, and reactivation cost.  Still a great card, but now with additional blind spot, he is easier to kill.   I believe it is now more well balanced card.

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  1. big thx to houshasen for his work! could you please translate verzar swordsman and dhees command?

  2. I didn’t know where else to leave this info, but it seems that they’re going to release this game under the name “Eye of Judgment Legends”, and some extra news can be found here:

  3. yea i like to now the translation of verzar swordsman

  4. It’s still about as powerful as before, because the only circumstance where you usually want to kill an opponent’s Catapult unless you absolutely have to is when you’ll be able to drain your opponent’s mana afterward on the same turn, otherwise your opponent will have at least 5 mana the following turn with a normal board and be able to summon a Dragoon Dragon Cavalry, Arc Satellite Cannon, or even a Sword of Juno that just had its cost reduced to 5.

    I also would like to see a translation of Verzar Swordsman. I don’t see any reason it had to have its base 2 attack lowered but for some reason it was.

  5. I would have reduced its attack to 1 or increased AC to 2, still very good card even with extra blind spots.

  6. This makes no difference to the card, but i suppose adds a little balance to it, the catapult with it’s 4 base hp was indeed troublesome to remove at points, coupled with the fact that i wouldn’t want to kill it until or unless i knew my opponent couldnt capitalize on the mana or i had no choice. But even in situations where i would be forced to kill it 6 hp on a native field would be a slight problem. This in my opinion is a very nerf as it doesn’t weaken the card extensively but tones it down.


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