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Summary: It won’t make sense to just tone down all overpowered card does it?  Here is one card that’s got better.

Here is its old stat


New stat is

Cost: 1
Type: Conjuration

Choose one non-Magic Attack allied creature that you can activate to attack. The target creature attacks without paying its Activation Cost.


Although now it has added the restriction of the non-Magic Attack, I believe overall this spell is now much more widely usable.  For instance, Dragon Deck?

  4 Responses to “Dhee’s Command”

  1. Since it only applies to non-magic attacks, using it in combo with Phaseus or the Spire is out of the question. Left is to use it with expensive ordinary hitters, e.g. the fist of Juno. It will be interesting to see the use of it.

  2. @sjabth

    Yeah I though about using it with Phaseus initially, but then realized if that’s the case, they have actually strengthened the Reset deck, which I’m sure would have been a problem.

  3. You know what I noticed… a lot of the spell cards seemed to have changed their casting costs… I quickly just looked at them (of course I can’t read if there’s any change in the spell effects) but quite a few of their costs have changed.

  4. Unfortunately, the non-magic attack clause will keep this from being competitively playable, because nearly all the creatures you’d want to use this on are magic attackers. It would be balanced at 2 mana if it didn’t have the non-magic attack clause for sure, but the clause simply makes it too limited as you’d have to use otherwise suboptimal creatures in a deck just to make this playable.


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