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It has been busy lately with work and playing White Knight Chronicle; however, I have been checking Japanese official EOJ website everyday so that if there is any new big news, I can share with you all.  Still nothing big, but it had been almost 3 weeks since the last update on the official EOJ site.   This made me a bit worried.

The last news was nothing but simple advertizing of the EOJ Calendar.  Then one previous to that was the announcement of “Complete Set” Cancellation.  So technically it has been almost a full month with no new update on the official EOJ site.  I don’t even remember last time this happened.

This made me feel that EOJ is indeed ended and Sony would have no other support for it.  Well this could still be true, but today at least I saw a new article posted on official EOJ site.  It was written by Minagawa, the EOJ story writer.

So at least there is someone from EOJ team still working…

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  1. Hello,

    I’m very happy there’s a little update. I got to know this blog recently, or should I say, someone recommended me and users of eojmanager to check this site. To give this news a litte more hearing and more people to get to know this site I posted your message on the eojmanager forums: http://www.eojmanager.com/forum/posts/list/0/4118.page

    I was wondering? Do you know what Minagawa has to say?

    Anyway, thank you for your update,
    much appreciated,

  2. thanks for your update ! I watch your site nearly every day just in case of a good news concerning the future of EOJ !!!

  3. @Auronn

    Minagawa is one of two article writers in EOJ Connection. As you probably know Asahara writes about EOJ strategy such as sample decks. Whereas, Minagawa writes story of EOJ ones like booklet came with Set.1 and Set.2 theme decks. He has been doing this for while. So the most recent update is yet another story about EOJ world, but nothing regarding to EOJ future, though.


    Thanks for checking my site. I’ll make sure to post any exciting news if anything new comes up!

  4. Even a part of the overall story is still good…which begs the question: “What stories has the Japanese websites seen that we (English speaking) sites have not?”

  5. @Patrick,

    I must say a lot. There has been numerous articles written by Minagawa in the past such as brief background story about each races (Nagirashu, Goblin, Elf etc.)

    Also last month or so there was a story about ClairWil, Anfisa. Also I remember story about Carlos. The most recent story is about Val Na Vos.

    I have always been feeling like Sony should have included easy access to the EOJ website through EOJ game, which would make the game look like getting quite bit of support from Sony. But this is only true on the Japanese EOJ website. That’s is probally why we are not seeing such option on the game.

  6. You know what…
    And I’ve said this on EOJ Manager…
    If 3 sets are all we get, then this game is ‘complete’ and not ‘dead’…
    Many games have a finite number of updates..
    And I have to say – EOJ as a ‘complete’ game of 310 (yes, 310) cards is an excellent game – more would be nice, but you could say that of any game!

    Also, Houshasen… on a separate note…
    Your wonderful, wonderful card library…
    I love it and refer to it even today..
    But Set 1 isn’t finished…
    And what I have done is copy your pics, put them in a doc, so I can easily see how they attack, etc.
    And I need Set 1 pics!!!
    Any chance whilst it’s quiet of filling in the blanks?!?!
    We’d all love you forever (eye love houshasen) we do anyway!!!

  7. @Fongy,

    Really? I thought there are so many great sites out there and felt my card library is nothing. So great to hear it. I would try to work on when I get chance.

    Oh BTW, I agree that it’s complete and NOT dead. 🙂

  8. Hey… don’t underestimate your card library, I create LOADS of decks, and your card library is what I use – because it’s clear, concise and dead easy to flick through – forget all the others – I use the original and best – YOURS!!!


    And yes, complete – and what a great complete game it is too!

  9. Hey Houshasen – how are we getting on getting that library card list updated?!?!

    Come on… you know you want to…



  10. EOJ is dead.

  11. LOL – Paydak returns with his pearl of wisdom!!!
    We’ve missed your positivity and penchant for stating the obvious!
    And you’re a good few months late!

    No, but seriously – I think the term you’re looking for is ‘complete’ – and I think 300+ cards is sufficient, let’s be honest, in this current climate who could justify another £200+ on 100 cards? I doubt I could…

    So it’s complete and should be enjoyed as a ‘whole’ game and not one that is ever-changing…


  12. I think EoJ is more alive and competitive than ever.

    Top 100 on ranked is being is changing a lot more lately (for several reasons) and several custom alternatives to Ranked have been popping out on different sites which are getting more interest/attention every day.

  13. Yeah, I think after all the BS about set3 and the possible end of EoJ everybody realized: “Hey, instead of talking and complaining I can actually PLAY the game” 🙂

  14. Anyother news yet bud ??


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