Dec 282008
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Japanese PSN now sells EOJ Calendar for 2009.

This is theme background based calendar for your PS3.  For entire 2009, it costs 500yen (approximately US$5).  Alternatively you can buy one of 6 individual calendar theme e.g) Jan/Feb, March/April etc.  These individual ones are selling for 100yen each.

Sure this doesn’t seem much exciting news, but at least we are still seeing something new for EOJ, which I believe is good sign.


Dec 072008
 December 7, 2008  Posted by at 12:23 pm Sample Decks 6 Responses »

Summary: Personally this card was one of the most eye catching card in Set.3 for me because of its ability.  At first, I even thought my translation could have been wrong.  However, in reality several readers on this blog reported this card was much harder to use than expected.  Obviously, I live in North America and still do not have Set.3 card, so can’t say for sure, but once again Asahara done this for me.  He posted yet another conceptually interesting sample deck that uses “Missionary Ship” as a key card.

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