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Summary: Here is another sample deck from EOJ Connection.  Similar to the previous sample deck, Invisibility Lock deck, this deck is defensive type deck.

Sample Perfect Dodge Deck

No. Name #
001 Flame Magus 3
003 Freedonian Wanderer 3
043 Novogus Catapult 2
047 Dungeon of Ten Tyrants 1
086 Wormak, Biolith Heir 1
120 Parmetic Deathspeaker 1
143 Verzar Swordman 3
156  Archbisshop Jirva 1
230 Indigo Mimic 2
235 Siam’s Sentinel 3
242 Clair Wil the Valiant 1
091 Parmetic Holy Feast 1
092 Goghlie Altar 1
094 Beguilding Fog 1
100 Summoner Mesmer’s Errand 2
293 Theraclave Tollgate 1
295 Se Hollyn Battle Hymn 2
307 Biolith Infestation 1


How does this deck work?


The key card in this deck is the newly introduced Set.3 creature, Siam’s Sentinel.  In comparison to the invibility deck’s key creature Moggy Howdah, this creature gives Pefect Dodge rather than the Invibility. Clearly from the defensive stand point of view, this is inferior to the Moggy Howdah, this is the reason why this deck is not called Perfect Dodge Lock Deck.  However, other stats of  Siam’s Sentinel makes this card even more attractive than  Moggy Howdah in certain cases.

The main feature is that its cheaper summoning cost along with the powerful lance attack.  Summoning cost of 4 is undoubtly easier than 6 summoning cost.  Plus lance attack of 2 makes this creature releatively good attacker unlike Moggy Howdah, which cannot attack.

With its relatively easy use, this creature can be used in Winny Deck or various other types of deck as a supporter; however, in this particular deck, Asahara has focused on its Perfect Dodge ability and making a entire deck around it.

The key concept in this deck can be summarized in the following simple equation.

Perfect Dodge Deck = Siam’s Sentinel + Mana Generating Creatures.

For instance, Freedonian Wanderer has an ability to generate a mana everytime you summon a new creature. However, this ability is limited only when Freedonian Wanderer is on non-fire field, which makes Freedonian Wanderer easy target for the enemy and most opponent will kill it immediately after you summon the creature.  However, if you confer the Perfect Dodge to Freedonian Wanderer using Siam’s Sentinel, your opponent must first destroy Siam’s Sentinel.  In the mean time, you can gain mana off the Freedonian Wanderer.

Similarly, Dungeon of Ten TyrantsWormak, Biolith Heir, and Archbisshop Jirva can give you mana while your enemy is attempting to kill Siam’s Sentinel.

With the extra amount of mana you gain, you can reactivate Wormak, Biolith Heir, and Archbisshop Jirva to kill your opponent’s creatures.

How to play with this deck?

Aside from the key rule of “Siam’s Sentinel + Mana Generating Creatures”, you must keep following things in mind when playing with this deck.

1. Summon Siam’s Sentinel. before Mana generating creatures

Otherwise, these mana engine creatures can easily be destroyed.

2. Watchout for rotation change.

Obviously, if Siam’s Sentinel is rotated, you lose all the benefit of its Perfect Dodge.  This is the reason why Beguilding Fog is included in this deck.  So keep this card in your hand for this specific reason.

3. Don’t get caught up with Siam’s Sentinel.

This is the very important point.  Pefect Dodge is strong ability but not perfect.  So key for using this deck is not to fight against your opponent’s attempt of killing Siam’s Sentinel, but rather to focus on doing other things while your opponent is targeting your Siam’s Sentinel.  So don’t work too hard saving Siam’s Sentinel, but rather try maximise what you get out from Siam’s Sentinel while it is on the board and always keep in mind that Siam’s Sentinel will eventually be destroyed.

Comment: Ever since Siam’s Sentinel and Moggy Howdah were revealed, good EOJ players have been talking about their use in terms of defensive lockup decks.  I really liked this sample deck from Asahara that rather than using in the purpose of lock deck, he focused on the mana engine.  I’m not sure if I will try this deck when I get Set.3 cards, but I’m sure I will try incorporating this new mana engine Unit.

  4 Responses to “Sample Deck ~ Perfect Dodge Deck ~”

  1. good idea ! i will try this deck tomorrow !!
    thank you housasen !!

  2. @luke75,

    As you know, Asahara gives interesting idea for deck build, but as he himself plays ranking match online, he tends to give non-optimised version of the decks. So make sure to tune this up.

  3. yes i have already changed a few cards….thx!

  4. I think the idea is great, but what about if you get in the first turns to many spell cards. I see that you need many spell cards to let this deck good work, but you already have this problem in combination with that. What do you think? Do you have answers about this problem?


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