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Summary: This is nothing but a rumor that the Japanese people are currently discussing, but what was originally believed to be the 2008 release, the complete Set.1-Set.3 disc of Eye of Judgment won’t hit until January 2009.  So why do people believe this?

First of all mere 1 month delay from its original schedule of 2008 timeframe, I must say is much better than the previous Sets.  So if January 2009 is true, I say well done Sony.  Of course for those of us who have already purchased Set.2 and Set.3 Downloadable Patch won’t really care about this much, but according to the Japanese forum there are a few people who has been waiting for this.  So this may increase EOJ players a bit.  Plus there has been another rumor that perhaps the complete disc comes with some sort of promo such as Dioskuri, but this is again just a rumor.

So going back to the January 2009 release rumor.  What makes people in Japan believe this?

The main reason why people picked this time frame is that currently it is impossible to buy brand new Set.1 theme decks or even booster packs in Japan.  This has been true for several months, and many had guessed just like some other TCG, these may never be redistributed again.  However, one of online TCG site recently listed Set.1 theme deck to be restocked in January 2009.

The only reasonable explanation for this is that the Complete Disc to be released around the same time, so new comers can start collecting their cards from Set.1 and won’t feel like they are handicapped.

  2 Responses to “Rumor: Complete Disc coming out in End of January 09?”

  1. Well, if it does get released it will definately attract more new players. I just hope sony markets it better this time.

    Another note if this ends up coming out, it would be pretty stupid for sony not to continue eoj as a game in the future, because from where i see it the game user base is increasing with every set.

    Still alot of people are leaving the game as well with every set. Sony needs to work more on retaining players

  2. This has been a rumour for a while now, it’s not suprising that ’09 is the date now with the NA delays. I hope this is true & like Roark I hope they market it better amongst other things.


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