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Summary: WIth the recent announcement of delay in the shipment of Set.3 boosters in North America, Official EOJ sites has decided to take a some action.  Below is the quote and link to the petition site.  If you are EOJ fan, which I assume you are if you get to this blog, please take 2 minutes of your time and sign the petition.

All of the official Eye of Judgment sites are banding together to draft a proposal to Sony Computer Entertainment International in order to convince them to keep supporting and expanding the Eye of Judgment. With all the issues our beloved game has had, and is having, the official EOJ sites are taking it upon themselves to assist SCEI with the development of EOJ, and to provide constructive community support. SCEA support this initiative, and will do what is necessary to assist us. Mark Valledor from SCEA commented that they have never seen such a passionate community on any other game they have worked on (and they have worked on many). 

It will take all the EOJ sites and communities banding together to truly make an impact on SCEI. This means that we also need your support!!! This petition is just a small part of the package that will be forwarded to SCEI. We need an accurate gauge of how many active supporters of EOJ there are. To this end, we are asking for everyone who supports EOJ now, and will continue to support EOJ into the future to sign this petition. Please make sure you also include your PSN name. Also try to get everyone that you know that plays and loves EOJ to also sign this petition. 



You can sign the petition by following the link below.  Note that you get donation page after the submission of your petition, which has nothing to do with this petition, so you can ignore the page i.e. one click you are done submitting your petition.  The next page is simply ipeititons own site donation system.

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  1. Signed… even though the US delay doesn’t directly affect me, I think anything which affects people’s desire to play online could ultimately see this game in to an early grave.

  2. @Matthew

    I agree. Delay of Set.3 release here disappoints me but my biggest fear is rather not to have new series of EOJ.

  3. Things are moving on … hmmm … i wonder how many signatures we need

  4. The more the merrier 🙂


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