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Summary: In this series, I will try to recap some of new concept that will be (or is) introduced in the Set.3, which will certainly change the game play.  In this first of the series for the Set.3, I decided to put a focus on the new concept of “looking at your next card” before drawing.

“Plan Ahead”


Surprisingly, there was no spell or creature in the previous Sets that allowed us to look our next draw i.e. top of the library.  This is no longer the case with Set.3.  There are 2 creatures and 1 spell allows us to achieve this goal.

1. 231. Corsez Henchman

2. 238. Tritonan Sacred Court

3. 291. Venoan Hard Bargain

Corsez Henchman is the most obvious one, but for those of us who do not have Set.3 cards yet might not have known but after the Judgment, your card remains on top of the library.  That’s right you don’t draw the card nor lose the card to graveyard, but rather it will stay on top of the library.


What can we do with this?

Now the most important question is that how will this being able to look at your top of library without drawing the card affect your strategy.  Some example of strategy using this new concept can be demonstrated with following sample Units.


Judgment Unit

Unit Content

231. Corsez Henchman

291. Venoan Hard Bargain

How does this Unit work?

Turn the Corsez Henchman and look at your top of library.  If you believe the card is strong enough to win the Judgment, use Venoan Hard Bargain to get essentially Goghlie Altar for yourself only.





Fate Enhancer Unit

Unit Content

199. Ninja Fate Enhancer
231. Corsez Henchman
291. Venoan Hard Bargain

How does this Unit work?

Use Henchman or Venoan Hard Bargain and look at the top of your library.  Now you know the “Race” of your card.  Summon the creature with only 1 mana, guranteed!

  2 Responses to “Set.3 Recap ~ Plan Ahead ~”

  1. I will try judgment unit…

  2. It is a strategy I’ve thought about, but an expensive one, saint court is a right blighter to get out… so that’s tough, but once you do, you have at least a couple of shots at it…
    henchman is expensive for what he is, but good if you can get him out early enough…
    but it is a good strategy, but if you’ve seen my posts on eojmanager, by the time you’ve tried to get this going, you’ve been beaten by a speed deck…


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