Aug 242008
 August 24, 2008  Posted by at 9:48 am Wishlist No Responses »

Summary: There is no new information about highly anticipated Set.3 yet, but if EOJ were to continue after the Set.3, I feel it would be cool to see “Field Cards”.  This is yet another Wishlist series.

Please note that this series is my personal wishlist of things that I think would like to be implemented in EOJ. So nothing here is official or not even rumor.

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Aug 112008
 August 11, 2008  Posted by at 3:23 pm Tutorial 1 Response »

Summary: Long time no see everyone.  I have started a new and real job now, which unfortunately has been keeping me busy to the point that I do not have time to play EOJ.  But now that the first official Worldwide EOJ tournament is coming, I got strong urge to update my blog a bit.

In this entry, I have translated EOJ Connection #21 about concept of metagame in EOJ.

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