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If you are frequent flyer of this blog, I am sure that you know who is Asahara. Hikaru Asahara is one of the main writer of official Japanese EOJ site called EOJ Connection. In the most recent EOJ Connection article, Asahara has posted his EOJ online ID as “Mark_Justice_IR.”

It feels like I have played against him before, but I don’t recall the result of the duel. Have you ever played against with him? Well even if you haven’t yet, now we all know that if we see “Mark_Justice_IR”, we are playing against one of the most famous EOJ writer or professional Magic the Gathering player.

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So I am one of the lucky 1000 people living in the North America and received the Set.2 Promotional Cards.  My original intention of applying for these cards were to help complete my Set since I did not own General Lug.  Now just for curiosity, I have just checked Ebay to see how much these promo are selling for.  The prices were surprisingly more than I thought, ranging $60-$170.  So what are you going to do with your Set.2 promo?

A. I’m keeping them for true complete set (including all promo cards).

B. I’m keeping them to see if the value goes up.

C. I’m keeping them for my playable collection.

D. I’m trading them with other EOJ cards

E. I’m selling them

F. I’m eating them

My current choice is B or D.  I’m still missing a few Set.2 URs and need 1 UR from Set.1.  Since I don’t have any Set.1 promo, my goal is rather to complete playable collection (exclude promo) than true complete set (includes promo).  If I could get all URs I need for my 3 promo, I think that would be my top choice.

What’s yours?

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Summary: In this EOJ Tutorial series, I have decided to summarize types of decks that I have discussed so far. By understanding classification of EOJ decks, this tutorial should allow people to construct your own unique decks and apply classification rule.

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