Apr 302008
 April 30, 2008  Posted by at 2:35 pm Applied Statistics 4 Responses »

Summary: In the Set.2 several new methods of drawing cards has been introduded. Some uses the draw cards as means to restore your hand so that you have more selections to choose from. However, with Set.2 I can see that some want to use the draw cards to draw specific target card(s). In this entry, I used statistical analysis to compare Mesmer’s Envoy from Set.2 to the Mesmer’s Errand from Set.1 to decide which spell is the better draw card, mainly for the purpose of drawing specific target card.

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Apr 252008
 April 25, 2008  Posted by at 8:35 am General News 9 Responses »

Summary: Well it did not take too long before I was proven to be wrong. No. it’s not because I changed my mind because I lost games yesterday (I played only couple games due to lighting issue, but no missionary user), but it is because Sony has now confirmed it as being overpowerful. Following is exerpt from Email sent to all EOJ Official Community Site.

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Apr 232008
 April 23, 2008  Posted by at 8:49 am Discussion 15 Responses »

Summary: Tired for this yet? Apparently, that is not the case among Japanese EOJ Community. One person posted on the Gamespot Japan forum that he thinks Missionary cards are ruining the game. Rather than other random visitors of the forum replied back, Gamespot Japan employee, Mr. Oouchi, surprisingly replied back to this post with detailed explanation of his own. Here is the translation of what Mr. Oouchi said.

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Apr 212008
 April 21, 2008  Posted by at 12:08 pm General News 6 Responses »

I don’t even know if there is any visitor of this site, who do not own EOJ at this point but if you don’t, now is the time. Amazon has one day deal of $43 for Eye of Judgment with PS Eye. Last month it was $47, so this is a better deal!! As of the time I am writing this, it is ranked #10 in Video Games. I hope this would expand the EOJ population.