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Summary: At this point, as most of you already know that the Set.2 cards are out in Japan for couple days (they released two days prior to official release).  Several people who have purchased boxes in Japan started to report the difference in the chance of winning URs in the Set.2 box.

First of all, you need to know that a booster box in Japan contains 12 booster packs i.e. 3 Japanese booster box equals to 1 booster box in the U.S..

In the past with Set.1, pretty much most Japanese booster boxes had on average 1-2 UR(s), which was consistent with 1:60 (=1 UR in every 7.5 booster packs).  As far as what I have heard in the past, with Set.1 box there were people who got lucky and pulled 2 URs from one box, but to compensate this there were people occasionally with 0 UR.  But again majority had pulled 1 UR per box.  The important thing here is that I have never heard anyone pulled more than 2 URs from a single booster box in Japan with Set.1.

Now this has changed with Set.2.  There has been numerous reports that some received 3 or 4 URs in a box.  Quite few had 0 UR in a box.  More interestingly, there is a person who pulled 2 phantoms, 1 ultrarare from a box with several extra rares and many uncommons without any common.   Whether this last box was due to mis-packaging or intentionally created by Sony is still unknown.

Some people claims now the UR is 1:70 rather than 1:60 with Set.2. 

Whether this is true or not is still uncertain since the booster pack package picture was not uploaded with the above statement.  But to me more important issue here is the random mix of Set.2 booster box content in comparison to the Set.1.   If this applies to U.S. and/or UK version of booster box, we will no longer be guranteed for minimum 4 URs (average 5 UR) per booster box.  Sure still it will average out in theory, but would you want to spend $100+ and get 0 UR? I’d rather be guranteed with 4 or 5 URs for my $100.

  12 Responses to “Rumor Set.2 UR 1:70?”

  1. can i get 12 cubics from one box?

  2. @ d co

    There are no cubics in Set 2… unless they change the ratio for Set 1 boxes o_O;;

  3. @ d co
    More importantly, and in keeping with the theme of the information provided, it is quite possible that you can get 0:70 cubics if you are lucky.

  4. If you ever got 12 cubics in one box then the only sensible thing you could do with them would be to eat them. Have them on toast if you prefer but I would take mine raw.

  5. And I REALLY hope to get 6 – 9 URs in my booster box now! ^_^

  6. I can confirm that the odds stated for an ultra rare on the back of the English version packs are 1:70

  7. odds of getting a rare card is 6.5 out of 7.5 packs. odds of that rare being one of the colored cubics is 4 in 26. odds of getting an ultra rare are 1 out of 7.5 packs and odds of an ultra rare being white cubic is 1/19. so (4/16*6.5/7.5)+(1/19*1/7.5)=0.14, 14% chance to get a cubic out of a pack? i love eye of judgment i will crush you

  8. @d co

    unless something has changed that I don’t know about the chances of getting a white cubic is 1 in 1 if you buy the game, and 0 otherwise. As far as I’m aware you only get it in the starter deck.


    Lol fool! Personally I would feed them to my guinea pigs, they like eating paper. I’m already supplementing their diet with twin goblins 🙂

  9. I bought 4 boosterboxes of set 2 now and those had 3, 4, 4 and 6 UR’s in it. i saw someone who bought 3 boxes and had 6, 6, 1 UR in it. the strange thing about it was the 6 UR’s in the first box were exactly the same as in the second box…. another strange thing is once 6 UR’s and in box and the other time only 1! omg!

  10. 1(!) UR per box comfirmed. 🙁

    I pulled on of those last week. And I’m too cheap to try for one more, so I’m stuck with my single set 2 UR (at least the single UR is Prince Lusirion, who fit perfect in my discard deck….)

  11. Damn!!

    1 UR for $100+…. That makes me think almost no benefit of buying a box unless you can save money by buying a box.. 🙁

  12. Well actually it’s 1 phantom for $130 (as with the current Dkk->USD exchangerate).
    But the street price for one(!) booster is currently $11 in Denmark, so the box represent a street value of $396 and hence a henty 66% discount, and I’m still able to construct a competetive deck.
    Now had I been a collector rather than a player I would properly have been even more disapointed than I was during the opening of the packs. Even so I was surreal opening one pack after other only to find yet another Parmetic Deathspeaker (pulled 4 of those, need 0 for my decks… Anyone want one?)


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