Mar 312008
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Summary: After 5 days (or a week in Japan or not yet in North America) since the Set.2 release, there has been a lot of discussion about new tactics and strategies using Set.2 cards. One of the hottest topic of discussion among several different EOJ community forum in Japan is about Missionary Impossible. In this blog entry, I want all of you to be Tom Cruise.

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Mar 292008
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Summary: No official Rules, Dates, Prizes or any other specific information about the tournament yet; however, Gamespot Japan has announced that they will be holding the Gamespot Japan Eye Of Judgment Cup #2 soon.  The detail would come as early as this coming week.

Gamespot Japan held the first official Sony approved EOJ tournament back in December and January.  The tournament was rather a unique one because the contestants submitted their decks via Email and the actual game was played in CPU vs. CPU mode.

I am not sure if this upcoming one would be the same or they will actually have player vs. player.  More importantly for the reader of this blog, whether this is something who don’t live in Japan can participate or not.  Keep checking this blog and you will be the first to know.

Source: Gamespot Japan EOJ Tournament #2 (In Japanese) 

Mar 292008
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ティノアの堅門 サルマ

Summary: Remember the second Recap? As most of us predicted, with the Set.2 release one of new popular deck type is uni-color deck. Recently, EOJ Connection’s Author Asahara posted couple sample uni-color decks. In this entry, I have listed the card content of Water based uni-color deck. This deck shows a couple interesting points. Continue reading »

Mar 282008
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Summary: New section of Eye Love Judgment.  For those of you wanted to know the card number of each of the Set.2 cards here it is.

In this new section of the Eye Love Judgment, I have listed entire Set.2 cards with card numbers.  Furthuremore, each cards have its own blog entry, which means readers can comment on each individual cards.

With the recent update on SCEJ official EOJ Site, all cards on the Set.2 are now at least in Japanese.  I will continue updating Card Library with corresponding card information, but for now you can at least see all card’s names.

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Mar 272008
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Summary: At this point, as most of you already know that the Set.2 cards are out in Japan for couple days (they released two days prior to official release).  Several people who have purchased boxes in Japan started to report the difference in the chance of winning URs in the Set.2 box.

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